After reimagining Gundam suit as a football protective gear with Lowfool Steel of League T01-GD, Fools is back with another football protective gear suited vinyl figure based on yet another popular pop culture icon: Evangelion. Obviously, it’s not licensed…

Lowfool Evangelion Parody Vinyl Figure

This creative bunch never mentions they have any license for what they have created. And it got me thinking… while IP is necessary to protect creators, it sometimes kills creativity. Just saying…

Anyways, Lowfool League Of Steel EV03 is pretty much along the line of the T01-GD: it has a top-heavy figure clad in full football gear but this time, those gears are the armor from Evangelion Unit-01.

Lowfool Evangelion Parody Vinyl Figure

The figure, which towers at 48 cm (19 inches) tall, is made from PVC and vinyl and comes with a matching football. Though it is strange that Fools did not theme in the colors of the entry plug. It would have been nice if they did.

The Lowfool League Of Steel EV03 vinyl figure has a limited run of 499 units worldwide, each commanding a hefty 370 American dollars plus shipping. Delivery is slated to happen in Q4 this year (2022).

Images: Fools.

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