Monster Cable to introduce TRON Legacy movie tie-in products this fall

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is it just me feeling that the TRON movie tie-in has reached an incredible proportion? you have toys that run up the wall (and ceiling) and TRON-inspired gaming mouse and now Monster Cable is set to release a line of products that tie in with the movie TRON Legacy (Walt Disney Pictures, 2010). needless to say, regardless of the products, you can be sure that they are going to be laced with the icy blue lights which has now become synonymous with TRON Legacy. trust me. if you build something now and put on a hint of icy blue lights, you will bound to hear “is that TRON inspired?”

in coming weeks, there will be two headphones, one ‘monster TRON powerstation’ and an ID disk dock inspired by the movie TRON Legacy. first off, the T1 headphones are around-the-ear HD gaming and theater surround sound headphones with ‘control talk’ (for in-game communication). not surprisingly, this pair of cans will be in black and spotting adjustable LED lighting system inspired by the TRON Legacy animated lighting effects. there will also be a T3 headphones which are in-ear headphones (better known as earphones) with ‘control talk’. even product this small will not be spared of the icy blue lights. apparently, it will still be dotted with the trademark icy blue lights.

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(image credit: Monster Cable)

the monster TRON powerstation is basically an add-on peripheral for playstation 3 slim that protects the PS3 from harmful surges and spikes. it also features four additional USB ports for connection for other peripherals such as guitar, drum set et cetera. the USB ports can also charge your controllers even when the PS3 is off. this is exactly what i need. currently, i have to keep my PS3 on if i need to charge my controllers. i guess we don’t have to tell you this product will spot the icy blue LED lights as well.

finally, there is the ID Disk Dock, a 2.1 music dock for iPod and iPhone. the Disk Dock will feature four 1.5″ drivers, one 3.5″ long-throw woofer driver and high intensity dual pipe lighting rings controlled by a microprocessor to get your TRON-mood swinging. the dock will also incorporates an alarm clock app and a visualizer inspired by none other than the TRON Legacy.

i have never watched the original TRON (and probably won’t be catching the ‘sequel’ too) but i am quite sure i am not the TRON kind of guy. the prospect of being trapped in an almost pitch dark environment with only strips of neon lights gave me the creeps. having said that, this means that i am not into icy blue rings or strips of light. but for fans of TRON, i am sure you guys will be thrilled. not me, really.

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