new old vintage of the week: USB Classic Atari Joystick

ThinkGeek USB Atari Joystick 544px

(image credit: ThinkGeek) USB Classic Joystick | US$24.99 |

ah…. remember your Atari days (and missing it, sorely)? now you can relive those days of furious joystick bending with the USB Atari Joystick. how cool is that? the joystick is, well… USB and it works with PC or Mac without the need for driver. it will work with classic Atari 2600 games and also works as a standard USB joysticks. download the emulator for Windows, Linus or OS X, plug in this retro joystick with a modern tech twist and you are ready to rock the retro gaming world. besides being a functional joystick, it will be a retro piece on your desk among your shiny high-tech stuff.
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just don’t try to connect this USB joystick to your vintage Atari hardware (if you are still holding on to one).

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