Non-mass produced playing cards are collectibles that should never be relegated to the drawers. It will be a crime if you do so. Really. Some of them like the Seasons Playing Cards, Gentlemen 52, Silver Steampunk and more, deserved to be showcased as if they were trophies of a hunt, but at the same time, you wouldn’t want to seal them in forever cos’ you will want to kiss and caress your trophies every once in a while like every proud collectors do, and that is precisely why there is the Orbiter, a playing card display boasting 360-degree individual deck rotation system and snapping locks to show off all facets of your collection. It comes standard as a 10-deck display with each deck holder made of clear acrylic for unobstructed viewing and special pivoting points located on the top and bottom that allows you to articulate the angle of display as you see fit.

Orbiter Playing Card Display

With the Orbiter, it effectively turn your collection of playing cards into a lively art piece which you’ll have the freedom of switching out the decks and manipulate the angle for a fresh look whenever you fancy. It has a scalable and versatile design, allowing another multi-deck display to be stacked and can be displayed on tabletop or shelf, or mounted on the wall. The aforementioned snapping system allows the individual deck to be easily removed from the display and if a 10-deck per display isn’t enough for you, it can be upgraded to a 15-deck display. The Orbiter Playing Card Display is a project by independent card designer and maker Crooked Kings Cards, and it is currently running a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter with the aim of taking the Orbiter from concept to production. So, if you’re enamored by the idea, you can show your support by pre-ordering the Orbiter for just $48. As always, the fate of this product lies in your hands.

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Orbiter Playing Card Display

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