TikTok and LunaTik Multi-Touch Watch Kits

MINIMAL TikTok multi-touch watch kit 544px
(photo credit: MINIMAL) TikTok Multi-Touch Watch Kit | US$25 | www.MNML.com

if the mutewatch €180 (plus shipping) price tag is stopping you from getting a touchscreen watch, you can get yourself one at an Apple iPod Nano price plus US$25 to US$50. if you already have the latest iPod Nano, it will be just US$25 to US$50. Scott Wilson of MINIMAL has an idea that will turn your latest Apple iPod Nano into a watch. introducing TikTok and LunaTik, which are basically watches without a watch face until your iPod Nano “fused” with them. Continue reading TikTok and LunaTik Multi-Touch Watch Kits

C-Loop – camera strap mount solution

Custom SLR C-Loop 544px

(photo credit: customslr.com) C-Loop Camera Strap Mount Solution | US$35 | customslr.com

simple and effective solutions to our everyday problems are around us. these guys, collectively known as Custom SLR, just proved this to be so. whether you are a professional camera man or just a casual shooter, you would probably notice how the camera strap tends to get in the way. well, Customer SLR has a solution for us and before i go on, i would like to be thankful for this solution (to the strap-gets-in-way issue). Continue reading C-Loop – camera strap mount solution

reverse engineered clipping: the Klhip The Ulimate Clipper

Klhip The Ultimate Nail Clipper 544px

(photo credit: klhip.com) Klhip Nail Clipper | US$50 | www.klhip.com

if you thought you have already possess all the coolest stuff in the world, think again. you might be missing this: a nail clipper. what do expect of a nail clipper? its just a tool that cuts nails, isn’t it? but apparently Klnip doesn’t think clipping nails is that simple and hence, the Klhip The Ultimate Clipper was born.

first off, it looks nothing like a conventional nail clipper. but hey. that’s the whole idea. the clipper is made of surgical stainless steel finished in natural satin and unlike standard nail clippers, it has only has one blade. apparently, double blades will dull each other (the blades) out over time or tear the nail. Klhip claimed that the cut will be so smooth that filing will your nails might a thing of the past. on top of that, the smooth clipping action will keep the clippings on-board instead of flying everywhere else.

Klhip The Ultimate Nail Clipper - this is how nails should be clipped 544px(photo credit: klhip.com)

the clipper is designed with “reverse engineering” (check out the photos), hence you are applying pressure above the nail you’re cutting which results in a more comfortable grip, and makes clipping easy. well, i am not sure if i agree with that. do we really need to reinvent the wheel (paying US$50 for that), even for clipping nails?

the fastest key money can buy: LaCie FastKey USB3.0 SSD

LaCie FastKey USB 3.0 SSD 544px

(photo credit: lacie.com) LaCie FastKey | from US$149.99 | www.lacie.com

don’t have a fast car? fret not. you can have the fastest key. it looks like LaCie is moving pretty quick with the implementation of the SuperSpeed USB on its line of portable storage. the latest to join the rank is the LaCie FastKey. the FastKey boost a lightning-fast speed of up to 260MB/s* and uses a Solid Sate Drive (SSD) with DRAM cache for storage clad in a stylish and sturdy metal casing. Continue reading the fastest key money can buy: LaCie FastKey USB3.0 SSD

2012 Nissan GT-R debut at Los Angeles Auto Show (photos)

2011 Nissan GT-R Front 544px

(photo credit: nissan.com) 2012 Nissan GT-R | from US$89,950 | www.nissan.com

after four years into the North America market, the Nissan GT-R has a new look. the new Nissan GT-R will have new colors, new wheel design and beefed up in horsepower department. along with the 2012 Nissan GT-R, a premium model, dubbed the “Black Edition”, will be introduced. Continue reading 2012 Nissan GT-R debut at Los Angeles Auto Show (photos)

new old vintage of the week: USB Classic Atari Joystick

ThinkGeek USB Atari Joystick 544px

(image credit: ThinkGeek) USB Classic Joystick | US$24.99 | www.thinkgeek.com

ah…. remember your Atari days (and missing it, sorely)? now you can relive those days of furious joystick bending with the USB Atari Joystick. how cool is that? the joystick is, well… USB and it works with PC or Mac without the need for driver. it will work with classic Atari 2600 games and also works as a standard USB joysticks. download the emulator for Windows, Linus or OS X, plug in this retro joystick with a modern tech twist and you are ready to rock the retro gaming world. besides being a functional joystick, it will be a retro piece on your desk among your shiny high-tech stuff. Continue reading new old vintage of the week: USB Classic Atari Joystick

is it a book or a Kindle? made by hand DODOCASE for Kindle 3

DODOCase for Kindle 3 544px

(photo credit: dodocase.com) DODOCase for Kindle 3 | from US$49.95 | www.dodocase.com

remember the made-by-hand iPad case by DODOCase? well, now Kindle 3 users can also don up their Kindles with DODOCase. as with the original DODOCase, the cover are made from black faux leather and constructed using traditional bookbinding techniques. an elastic strap keeps the Kindle sealed tight. Continue reading is it a book or a Kindle? made by hand DODOCASE for Kindle 3

AMG to cooperate with Ducati: Mercedes-Benz CLS AMG and Ducati

AMG CLS and Ducati 544px

(photo credit: daimler.com)

the cooperation agreement was signed this week between AMG and Ducati. you might thought its a development cooperation but it is fact, a marketing cooperation. both establishment will develop common marketing activities with this agreement. Continue reading AMG to cooperate with Ducati: Mercedes-Benz CLS AMG and Ducati

a cushion, a 6-in-1 remote? it is both

Pillow Remote Control 544px

(photo credit: brookstone.com) Pillow Remote Control | US$29.95 | www.brookstone.com

what you see here is a cushion and it is also a six-in-one remote control. i am not kidding you. this is not just a cushion with remote control layout stitched to it. it is a real working remote control. an ultimate statement of lifestyle fused with technology, the Pillow Remote Control has databases of over 500 remote control devices.

it also featured a auto shutoff function that power down the remote after 60 seconds of inactivity. this wide-range transmitter with infrared LED built-in requires two AAA batteries with is not included. i guess you won’t be misplacing your remote with this cuddly cushion due to its size and it will definitely feel “at home” with the rest of its non-remote control fellow cushions.

you don’t need to fork out thousands of dollars to grab those cool universal remote, because this cool Pillow Remote Control cost only US$29.95. simple does it.


zip up those ear buds: Zipbuds By DGA

Zipbuds by DGA 544px

(photo credit: dgastore.com) Zipbuds By DGA | US$39.99 | www.dgastore.com

if you are looking for a tangle-free earphones, and you need something more than just fabric cords then Zipbuds by DGA could be it. the highlight of the Zipbuds is the tangle resistant zipper integrated cable. tangle-free? makes sense to us, cos’ we can’t really tangle a zipper, can we?

while it may seems quite bulky looking (as compared to traditional cord), but the concept of zipper makes it a style-statement. the zipper portion only runs up to a few inches before the noise-isolating stubbed ear buds, so you won’t look ridiculous wearing it. other features of the Zipbuds include Dupont Kevlar reinforced cabling, braided nylon cable, gold plated audio jack, 8mm driver with a rated output of 2mW (max input: 5mW).

the Zipbuds come in 5 different color and includes three custom fitted ear tip sizes, two sport ear clips and a storage pouch. pretty neat huh? just don’t confuse with your jacket’s zipper.

i thought the Zipbuds is suitable for those who’s looking for tangle-free earbuds and at the same time, doing it with style.

Zipbuds by DGA 544px
(photo credit: dgastore.com)

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