going hiking? get MONOWALKER to tow your backpack

MONOWALKER Hikingtrailer - action shot 1 544x311px
avid hikers will understand the weight of the package one has to carry during a hiking trip. this weight we talked about is not reserved just for hikers. scientists, photographers, hunters and climbers alike, have similar load burden issue when they are out and about carrying out their duties. understanding this load issue, German firm, MONOWALKER has a novel solution in the form of the Hikingtrailer, to take the weight of the shoulders – literally. Continue reading going hiking? get MONOWALKER to tow your backpack

TikTikTik is a desk lamp that turns off automatically

bitPlay TikTikTik - switched off 544x311px
(image credit: bitPlay) bitPlay TikTikTik | US$NA (concept) | bitplayinc.com

you know those time when you read yourself to sleep and forgot to switch off the desk lamp? or maybe, you are just plain forgetful and keeps forgetting to switch off the desk lamp before you goes into the dream land? well, bitPlay‘s concept lamp, dubbed the TikTikTik, is here to solve those ‘forgetting’ problem.

by pulling down the measuring tape-like device (bitPlay termed it as the ‘pull chain’), sets the time for the light to be on. thus, the further the chain is being pulled down, the lamp stays on for a longer period of time. simple. as time passes, the pull chain retracts as the countdown to switching off the lamp progresses. a few minutes before the timer runs out, the lamp dims and eventually switches off as it ends its countdown. sounds like fun and with practical application too. i want one but wait, i don’t actually has a bedside table. duh!

images horizontal 544x38px

bitPlay TikTikTik - switched on 600x340px bitPlay TikTikTik - how to use 600x390px

check out this awesome transparent iPhone 4 case mod

transparent iPhone 4 case mod img1 544px
(image credit: wkmarken)

if you think the ‘tear down’ look decal for iPhone 4 is way too lame, perhaps you would like to go one step further like this person, known only as wkmarken, did: replacing both the front and back covers with true transparent versions. once installed, you will get to see the full glory of its innards, well, actually not a lot to be seen. really. perhaps, more of a novelty than anything else.

apparently, the cover wasn’t transparent originally but the owner managed to remove the paint from the replacement cover, turning them into a transparent item. i find it hard to believe. how did he managed to remove the paint of the covers while keeping the Apple logo, iPhone text and those almost unreadable tiny text perfectly intact? if he actually did, he’d be one hell of a craftsman. or perhaps, the logo and text are on the inside while the paint on outside?

images bar 150x67 wkmarken transparent iPhone 4 case mod img1 600px wkmarken transparent iPhone 4 case mod img2 540px wkmarken transparent iPhone 4 case mod img3 540px

via CRAVE and Uwants.com

Skizee is a track vehicle that pushes skier around

Skizee img1 544x600px
(image credit: Skizee) Skizee | US$2,500.00 | skizee.ca

if you are an avid skier and don’t have the luxury of snowy mountains to make a downhill run, there’s this little single track machine called Skizee that can push you around the snow with its 10.5-hp, 4-stroke engine. at glance, it look almost like the British Mark I tank but of course, it isn’t. the Skizee is part snow mobile, part human skier and it has a foldable control bar that let skier controls it. constructed out of light aluminum, the Skivee comes complete with electric start and braking control. Continue reading Skizee is a track vehicle that pushes skier around

Spiderman would use this iPhone 4 to call Mary Jane

Computer Choppers Spiderweb iPhone img1 544px
(image credit: Computer Choppers) Graphic Plated Triple Chrome iPhone 4 | US$PoA | computer-choppers.com

if spiderman uses an iPhone 4, the Graphic Plated Triple Chrome iPhone 4 from Computer Choppers would probably be the iPhone 4 of choice for him. the Graphic Plated Triple Chrome iPhone 4 features a customized polished triple chrome finish, topped with a spiderweb graphic wrapped around the entire phone – except for the front. it will come with personalized initials and of course, the Apple logo and standard iPhone text so that villains and love alike, would still know that spidey’s phone is still an iPhone and not an iSpider.

Holocube makes human-size 3D projections

Holocube HC70 img1 544x311px
(image credit: Holocube) HOLOCUBE 3D Projection | US$PoA | www.holocube.eu

marvel at the sight of what could possibly be the forerunner of holographic technology. although the latest presentation projection, simply called HC70, from Holocube isn’t actually a hologram but it certainly will put a smile on creative people and marketeers face. how else to differential your presentation better than a 3D projection? the HC70 is essentially a six-foot tall box with 70″ screen allowing for full-sized human projections.

the projector in question has a brightness of 600 cd/m2 and a HD resolution of 1080 x 1920 pixels. each Holocube is equipped with a 40 GB hard disk drive and is capable of storing up to 18-hours of compressed video at a bit rate of 4 Mb/s or 8-hours of compressed video at 9Mb/s. Holocube is designed to be a dedicated machine in which it will performs its specified operations without any intervention from human. in the event of power interruption, the Holocube will reboot itself and continue to carry out its duty faithfully. it is said to be immune to virus which curb any chances of virus infection when new presentation is loaded via the USB interface.

at the heart of the Holocube is a computer running on a 2.8 GHz Intel Dual Core processor with Windows 7 as its operating system which should be more than ample since it will do nothing other then its specific duty. as a dedicated machine, its functionality and reliability shouldn’t be of any issues. same rationale as our PC – install less softwares, less chances of the PC screwing up, and probably last longer too. check out the video of the HC70 in action. pretty amazing.

via Yanko Design

amazing Dead Space Plasma Cutter full-size replicas

Epic Weapons Timson Tools Plasma Cutter Replica 544px
(image credit: Epic Weapons) Dead Space Plasma Cutter full-size replica | from US$219.99 | www.epicweapons.com

i’m not a huge fan of Dead Space but these Plasma Cutter replicas from Epic Weapons are too beautiful to give them a miss. the first is the Timson Tools 211-V Plasma Cutter which comes with its own displayable carry case and includes a 3.7-volt rechargeable battery. it features a working trigger when activated reflects the signature 3-blast spot for you to line up your target. fortunately, this weapon doesn’t really slice people up. the Timson Tools Plasma Cutter measures 17-inches long by 3-inches wide by 11-inches tall and weighs 2.5 lbs (about 1.1-kg).

Epic Weapons Isaac Clarke Plasma Cutter Replica 544px

the second is the Isaac Clarke Plasma Cutter from Dead Space 2 which measures 17-inches long by 3-inches wide by 11-inches tall and weighs 2.5 lbs (about 1.1-kg). quite a handful and is supposedly the original size as used by the in-game character Isaac Clarke in Dead Space 2. as with the Timson Tools’ item, it includes a 3.7-volt rechargeable battery and features a working trigger which activates the signature 3-blast spot for user to align with his potential victim. is also features both horizontal and vertical cutting modes and will ship with a displayable carrying case.

both replicas are available this March and are available for pre-order at Entertainment Earth store for $219.99 and $239.99 for the Timson Tools Plasma Cutter and Isaac Clarke Plasma Cutter, respectively.

via DVICE and Nerd Approved

ultra-industrial is what Hammerhead PC case mod is

DARWINmachine Hammerhead HM98902 img1 544px
(image credit: DARWINmachine) The Hammerhead HMR989 PC | US$2,899.00 | darwinmachine.com

this hand-built Hammerhead PC by DARWINmachine is probably the coolest, ultra-industrial PC we have ever seen. we just went gaga, stunned and speechless when we first lay our eyes on it. suddenly, time went on a stand still and for those moments, the specs of this beautiful machine doesn’t seem to matter. the openness of the PC resulted in some innards being turned inside out, showing, in full glory, the nVidia ENGTX460 graphics card and the Kingston 750W modular power supply, for examples.

the chassis is hand-built from blue CNC brushed, anodized aluminum frame and supermatte white Ecoresin. on the specs end, the Hammerhead HMR98902 comes with 2.8 GHz Intel i7-860 processor, coupled with 4 GB of RAM, a 40 GB Intel Solid State Drive (SSD), a 640 GB front-loaded “hot swappable” hard drive, a nVidia ENGTX460 graphics card, a optical CD/DVD drive and power comes from a Kingston 750W modular power supply. it also have an extra hot-swap tray for a second hard drive, for those who has an insatiable appetite for storage space. the HMR98902 comes preloaded with 64-bit Windows 7 Home Premium OS.

the Hammerhead PC is a made-to-order system which requires two weeks to get your order out to you and cost $2,899. at the time of this posting, the HMR98902 is sold out but fret not, you still have the HMR98903 and HMR98904 in black brushed anodized and Quattro Carbon Trim, respectively. before you head on and grab yourself one of these awesome machines, why not check out more photos of the HMR98902 to further tempt yourself?

images bar 150x67 DARWINmachine Hammerhead HM98902 - side view 600px DARWINmachine Hammerhead HM98902 - rear angled view 600px DARWINmachine Hammerhead HM98902 - front angled view 600px
images bar 150x67 DARWINmachine Hammerhead HM98902 - powered rear angled view 600px DARWINmachine Hammerhead HM98902 - powered front angled view 600px DARWINmachine Hammerhead HM98902 - powered side view 600px


adding juice to your iPhone 4 without adding the bulk

MiPow Maca Air Power Case 544px
(image credit: MiPow) MiPow Maca Air Power Case for iPhone 4 | about US$77.00 | www.mipow.com

iPhone users are constantly plaque by short battery lifespan and the much publicized antenna issue. users counter these problems with portable batteries and iPhone case, which in anyway, most users would have them even the antenna issue isn’t present. floating around the market these days are cases that provide additional juice to your iPhone and also double-up as a protective case and here’s one more to add to the list. this item from MiPow, dubbed the Maca Air Power Case, is touted to be “the slimmest power case in its class (i.e. 1200 mAh) measures just 13.3-mm thick.

the Maca Air Power Case features a Mac-style battery level indicator and a power on/off switch, allowing user to turn on the charging only when needed. yep, there is no automatic switching like some of the power cases have. this could be due to its slim factor that limits the circuitry allowed within. the case come supplied with a micro USB cable for recharging the case and also to sync with the iTunes which eliminates the need to remove the case when syncing with iTunes. aesthetically, the case has an anodized aluminum back plate which allow user to customize with laser etching and framing the power case is a transparent frame with full-access to all the buttons and controls of the iPhone 4.

sandwiched in this slim form factor power case is a 1200 mAh Lithium-polymer battery which is capable of providing up to180-hours standby time, 3-6 hours of talk time depending on whether it is on 3G or 2G network, 3-hours and 5-hours web surfing on 3G and WiFi respectively, 20-hours of additional audio playback or 5-hours of video playback.

Split Strap improves comfort of your carrying bags

Custom SLR Split Strap img2 544x311px
(image credit: kickstarter.com/CustomSLR.com) Split Strap Adapteive Strap | from US$20.00 | customslr.com

this is something we never gave too much thought to it – a shoulder strap for your cameras and bags. who would think a contraption as simple as a shoulder strap could be further improved? as a matter of fact, these guys over at Custom SLR think a strap can be further improved. it turns out that traditional strap does not distribute its weight on our shoulder equally which often results in strain to the user. Continue reading Split Strap improves comfort of your carrying bags

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