the art of destroying many Apples – not the fruit, though

Michael Tompert's book burning 544px
(image credit: Michael Tompert and Paul Fairchild)

Apple products are beautiful and functional, and it turns so even they were being thrashed unforgivably. surprise? when an iOS device was being shot at, blow-torched, sledge-hammered or ran over by train, it became a piece of art. it may sound ‘sadistic’ to Apple fans but this was exactly what artist Michael Tompert of San Francisco did. Continue reading the art of destroying many Apples – not the fruit, though

Samsung show-off its new ultra-slim Blu-ray player

Samsung ultra-slim blu-ray player 544px
(image credit: Samsung) Samsung Blu-ray Player | US$tbc |

Samsung has a well-known obsession for making their electronic devices slim, slimmer and even more slimmer with each releases. well, they have done it again and this time its all new Blu-ray player just went on a super diet, measuring just 23mm thick.

clad in metallic case, the player will feature the now-common integration with YouTube, Facebook and Twitter. it will also play 3D content and convert 2D content to 3D. no words on the pricing yet, until its official unveiling next month at the CES 2011. it’s slim, i am excited. it’s a blu-ray player, which i am not thrill, cos’ my PS3 already does the job.


2012? not to worry when you have The Ark floating dwelling

Remistudio ARK img1 544px
(image credit: Remistudio)

the idea of self-sustaining, floating dwelling is nothing new but the Ark floating dwelling is conceptually impressive, at least on the design front. if the myth on 2012 is true, then this concept might just be able to keep us alive. designed to be self-sustaining, the shape of the Ark allows convenient installation of photovoltaic cells to take advantage of the solar energy and the is capable of drawing warm air, gathers them in seasonal heat accumulators to provide continuous energy supply to the building.

if this becomes a reality, i suspect that it will be reserved for the super rich. you know how it is. pay a tidy sum for those just-in-case situation. however it is, on one end we are trying to conserve our natural resources, protecting the Mother Earth and on the other end, we could prepare ourselves for the worst with such Ark. hmm, an Ark huh? what an appropriate name… i guess we earthlings just got ourselves covered pretty good.

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via Inhabitat

Carbon Fiber Toilet Seat is strong and light, and looks cool

Carbon Fiber Toilet Seat
Carbon Fiber Toilet Seat | US$279.00 |

carbon fiber has a wide range of applications. being light and strong it is extensively used in race cars and most notably, in the concept Lamborghini Sesto Elemento. however, we are not going there today (the car department)… now you can add that little strength to your bathroom in the form of the Carbon Fiber Toilet Seat. believe it. for $279 you can seat on a lightweight and yet strong material, for whatever the reasons you need light and strong material underneath your butt…

this item would probably go into the category of “things-you-buy-when-you-already-have-everything-else”. perhaps, if you are in this category, the $279 price tag probably isn’t going to be a issue. oh, make sure you have a matching black toilet bowl to go with it. we figured that it will look pretty ridiculous on a white or pink item.


augmented-reality translator on your iPhone: Word Lens

Quest Visual Word Lens app 544px
(image credit: Quest Visual)

whether you are traveling for business or leisure, the one thing that bugs us is probably language barrier. how nice it would be if you can understand what the next sign says in an instant. right now, we have translator app for iPhone but then that would means having to type what you wanted to translate which is already a stumbling block. it looks like there’s a solution to traveler’s woes: it is called the Word Lens.

developed by Quest Visual, Word Lens uses augmented-reality to translate the foreign words on a signboard into English in real-time, and vice versa. currently, Word Lens only translate words between English and Spanish but there are plans for other languages. for Word Lens to work, just fire up the app and point at the sign that you want to translate and there before your eyes are the sign in the language that you want. pretty amazing. really.

the app is free and is available on the iTunes store but you will need to purchase the languages at $5 each. aside from instant translation, the other advantage is once the app and the languages are downloaded and installed, there’s no need to connect to any network to get going with Word Lens.

i have this lasting negative impression of translator. partly due to the experience i had with the online translator which often give gibberish translation which, at the end of the day, had me deciphering what’s the translated text means. i am guessing Word Lens won’t be as perfect either but at least we get the a general idea on the translation. besides, how long a sentence on a signboard can have? less words, less mistakes.

Word Lens will work with iPhone 3GS/4 and iPhone Touch with camera. though, it will also require the device to be running at least iOS 4.0.

via Gizmag

now your iPhone is also your Universal Remote control

Gear4 UnityRemote img1 544px
(image credit: Gear4) Gear4 UnityRemote | £99.99 |

another hardware and apps combo that turn your iPhone into something else other than a phone. seriously, what else iPhone can’t do? this time round it’s going to be an Universal Remote control for your home devices, as long the devices use infrared signal.

new from Gear4 is the UnityRemote that transforms your iPhone into an advanced Universal Remote that controls your home devices with the help of a free app and the discrete UnityRemote unit. using iPhone as a remote means ability to take advantage of gestures to control your devices. with the UnityRemote and the app, gestures can be pre-programmed to swipe from left to right to change channels, for example. you can’t get any more intuitive than this.

basically, the iPhone uses low power Bluetooth signal to communicate with the UnityRemote hardware and the unit in turn, uses its five infrared blasters to send out a 360° signal to your devices wherever they are in the room. as long as the device to be controlled is within the range and sight, the iPhone can controls it. up to eight different Apple devices can be paired with the UnityRemote, so your roommate won’t be caught without a remote when you are not home.

as with all good Universal Remote, this system allows user to create ‘Actions’ to control multiple devices simultaneously. such as as turning on the TV, DVD player and sound system. the system will select the right channel and start playing the DVD in just one touch. of course, that would require some programming first. no words on how huge the existing remote database is but whatever it is, it has the ‘Learning’ capability which allows the UnityRemote to learn controls that it doesn’t already know.

the UnityRemote works on three AA batteries, hence it can place virtually anywhere in the room without the burden of mains. the hardware measures 51 mm high and 64 mm in diameter which is pretty discrete, but then again it’s not ugly that requires us to keep away from sight. the UnityRemote will work with iPhone 3/3GS/4, iPod Touch (2nd/3rd/4th generations). the Gear4 UnityRemote retails at £99.99 (approx. US$156.00) which is considered affordable for an Universal Remote – if it works as promised.

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a Tron Light Cycle concept that might actually works

Wallace Campbell Tron Light Cycle img1 544px
(image credit: Wallace Campbell)

the Tron fever has started well before the film was screened and spread fore even after the film was screened. not only commercial entities are jumping on the Tron bandwagon, even designers and self-professed fans have their take on the blue streaks. to date we already seen DIY Tron messenger bag and Skatecycle, just to name a few… Continue reading a Tron Light Cycle concept that might actually works

HAMANN makes the desirable Lamborghini even more desirable

Hamann Victory II Lambo LP560-4 - front angled view 544px
(image credit: HAMANN)

if you belong to the super rich, then a Lamborghini Gallardo LP560-4 is probably not enough. straight out of the German tuner, Hamann’s garage is the Hamann Victory II Lamborghini Gallardo LP560-4, which should be enough to let you stand out from the rest of the super rich boys. Continue reading HAMANN makes the desirable Lamborghini even more desirable

eco-friendly power: Mission R TTXGP Electric Superbike

Mission Motors Mission R - front angled view 544px
a superbike is not uncommon but an electric superbike is something don’t see very often, not to mention one that’s built to race. with the electric cars becoming a reality for mass production, there’s no reason the same can’t be done for bikes, and in this instant, a superbike. Mission Motors‘s Mission R is an all new electric superbike that is built to race with a purpose-built frame. Continue reading eco-friendly power: Mission R TTXGP Electric Superbike

Thrustmaster announces Officially Licensed PS3 Steering Wheel

Thrustmaster T500 RS wheel and pedal set img1 544px
Thrustmaster T500 RS Wheel and Pedal Set | US$599.99 |
(image credit: Thrustmaster)

seriously, a racing game isn’t complete without a good steering wheel/pedal set. though traditional game pad does the job adequately but it just lacks the realism in it. having said that, a steering wheel/pedal set is a must if you want to get the most out of the most advanced racing game, Grand Turismo 5. i am not posting this because just because this product is new in the market but rather, i am in the process of searching for a quality steering wheel for this game (i am a huge fan of GT franchise). i am a few percentage into the game and stopped because the stock dual shock just don’t justify the driving experience that i will get from GT5. Continue reading Thrustmaster announces Officially Licensed PS3 Steering Wheel

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