Have you played a game of racket sport like tennis and dispute with your opponent over the scores? Admit it. It happens. Don’t need to be ashamed of it cos’ we are after all, not pros and therefore we don’t have the luxury of a person to keep score, much less someone to calculate match stats, advise you of your ranking, or even find a suitable opponents for you. Those benefits are what pros like three-time Grand-Slam champion Andy Ram had enjoyed, but being passionate about tennis, he wants amateurs and recreational players to enjoy similar level of playing experience as the professionals and the Pulse Play Tennis Smartwatch is the gadget that will realized those experience. It is a smartwatch designed specifically for tennis, but it is also good for other racket sports like tablet tennis, badminton and squash.

Pulse Play Smartwatch for Tennis Players

So what does it do? It keeps score, simply by click the watch whenever a score is made. Both players will need the watch though; each player uses his or her own Pulse Play to save the points made. Each click of the button updates the score on both players’ Pulse wristband and the companion app’s scoreboard. The best part is, you don’t have to wait till the end of the game to know the score; Pulse Play will announced it, in a choice of recognizable voices including Elvis, Seinfeld, Homer Simpson and more, so that both you and your opponents will be in the know as the game progresses. And it being a smartwatch, it will, of course, tells time too, so you can wear it as part of your sport fashion getup.

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The Pulse wristband and app combo keeps your match statistics which you can review anytime on your smartphone. Those stats, such as points, set and match are accounted for and use to rank you among the Pulse Play amateur players, so you will know how good you really are as compared to your friends and other plays from your locality, country and even the world. The same data can also be used help you find players based on location and level of play, wherever you may be. Interested? You can pre-order the Pulse Play Tennis Smartwatch off Indiegogo for $75 a pop, but if you want to fully realized the wristband’s potential, two set will be needed, which would cost $140. Continue reading for an informational video to learn more.

Pulse Play Smartwatch for Tennis Players

Pulse Play Smartwatch for Tennis Players

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