When Marvel/Disney decided to go big in promoting Marvel movies, collaborating with Samsung for an Iron Man-themed Galaxy S6, we totally understand why. After all, Iron Man and the Avengers were and are still huge contributors to Disney’s coffer, but Pirates of the Caribbean? Not to belittle the Pirates franchise I personally enjoy watching, or Johnny Depp or Jerry Bruckheimer, but we didn’t think it warrant such a treatment. Nevertheless, here it is, the Samsung Pirates of the Caribbean Galaxy S8. As expected, this special edition phone is everything the standard Galaxy S8 is, which means everything about is identical to the standard device, save for some cosmetic touches.

Samsung Pirates of the Caribbean Galaxy S8 Smartphone

The Pirates of the Caribbean Galaxy is presented in an all-black colorway (midnight black), a color befitting the pirates theme, without graphic around the back except for a stylized Samsung branding. The highlights here are the theme which includes Pirates of the Caribbean-centic icons and wallpapers, and a couple of accessories, namely a Pirates of the Caribbean-theme case and a stand/finger ring. But, obviously, the thing that makes this special edition collectors’ worthy are not the theme, or the accessories; it is the special pirate treasure chest that comes with it. But that’s about it.

Samsung Pirates of the Caribbean Galaxy S8 Smartphone

And with a rather steep asking price of 5,988 RMB (about US$880), it kind of makes this special edition device a hardcore fan exclusive thing, or maybe for some casual fans who have yet to acquire the Galaxy S8. As far as we know, the Samsung Pirates of the Caribbean Galaxy S8 is only available in China at this point, but then again, it shouldn’t come as a surprise if it is a China-exclusive as now Disney, and Hollywood in general, is banking on China’s growing appetite for foreign movies.

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The Samsung Pirates of the Caribbean Galaxy S8 Smartphone is not the first of such collaboration between Samsung and Hollywood. Apart from the aforementioned Iron Man device in 2015 (same year as the series of Marvel Avengers cases), there was the Injustice Edition featuring D.C. Comics’ best selling superhero, Batman, in 2016. Both of devices from the previous two collaborations feature theme-specific graphics and so, we were kind of surprise it didn’t happen to Pirates. But we read, it does have a nifty trick. Apparently, the Pirates-themed UI will only triggered if the case is snapped on – thanks to the embedded NFC chip. Though, we can’t verify if this tidbit is indeed true.

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