Steampunk Big Daddy Gun. it’s gone but still worth a look

Steampunk Big Daddy Gun by faustus70 900x600px
(photos: Neil Taylor) Steampunk Big Daddy Gun | US$sold |

there is nothing that strike more fear in online shopping fanatics like the big red (sometimes, bold) word that says ‘SOLD’ but that won’t stop us from showcasing this Steampunk Big Daddy Gun, created by one Neil Taylor aka faustus70. born as a NERF Barricade, this awesome toy gun was a given a comprehensive nip and tuck, and the result is what you see here – the Steampunk Big Daddy Gun. yea. i know, it’s nothing like a Barricade, only 100x more awesome. the main bulk of the body was made from planks cut from an old chair that is said to be at least 75 years old, and held in place with hand-cut aluminum strips with rivets. i guess that makes it one heck of a vintage gun.
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very steampunk-esque indeed. its obvious aesthetic appeal aside, this Big Daddy is still very much a Barricade at heart. which means it still fire NERF darts, has a magazine that holds ten whistler NERF darts and powered by three AA batteries. oh, there’s even a scope with 3x magnification to assist you in scoping out your oppositions. not that NERF has any real fire power or range but the scope is certainly a nice touch. as mentioned, this thing was gone before we know it but if you appreciate what Taylor has done, then keep your eyes peeled as there might be more quality works coming your way. in the meantime, hit past the jump for more images of the Steampunk Big Daddy Gun.

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