9 Worthy Microcars at The Bruce Weiner Microcar Museum Auction

normally, we refrain from pulling too many items from a single auction event so as not to bore you folks but the microcars we found at the upcoming auction at The Bruce Weiner Microcar Museum are simply irresistible and honestly, we’d swept them all off the auction block if money is of no

Auction: 2005 MCC Smart Crossblade

concept cars. they are mostly like fairy tales: you hear and read about them but you can never see them on the streets. even if they made it into production, they are sometime pretty elusive as limited quantities were made. however, once in a while, opportunity does presents itself for you to grab one of these rare beauty such as this 2005 MCC

“Western Trails” Traveling Pony Kiddie Ride

stop duping your kids with those stationary kiddie rides. all they do is shake along with music and be done with it in an unrealistic fashion but with the “Western Trails” Traveling Pony Kiddie Ride, things for your kid is going to get a little bit more yee-har! literally. developed by Southland Engineering Company this kiddie ride

Honda Toaster Oven

Honda makes automobile, motorcycles, outboard motors and possibly, in near future, aircraft but a toaster? not that we have heard of but here it is, right before our disbelieving eyes, a Honda Toaster Oven from Sunbeam. what’s more unbelievable is, this vintage-style toaster is made from an actual Honda motorcycle gas tank (we know you

1963 James Bond’s Walther Gun

some says that Sean Connery’s portrayal of the silver screen MI6 agent is the most memorable one and if you believe so and also happens to be a no-nonsense Bond fan, then you probably want to check out this 1963 James Bond’s Walther Gun that’s put under the hammer by Sotheby’s. this is the exact piece that were used by Sean Connery for the publicity shots for four James…

Steve McQueen’s 1970 Husqvarna 400 Cross

whether you are a huge fan of Steve McQueen or simply has the penchant for kick-ass two-wheel rides, you wouldn’t want to miss out this sweet ride once own and ridden by the King of Cool himself, the 1970 Husqvarna 400 Cross. star-owned track record aside, this particular example here was also a star of its…

1976 Apple I Computer

no. this isn’t an old news from June this year and yes, this is a real deal Apple I Computer that’s still in working order, among the six others where the first working example was successfully auctioned off for a record $374,500 June 2012 in New York. this landmark Apple I Computer (1976, Lot 20) is the second one that will be offered by Cologne-based veteran auctioneer, Auction…

1931 Dodge 21’6″ Split Cockpit Runabout “Elgin”

well, what do you know? it is another vintage boat again and this time, it is the 1931 Dodge 21’6″ Split Cockpit Runabout “Elgin”. the “Elgin” is a rare example readied for those who have the cash to splurge and according to RM Auctions, only 51 Dodge boats are listed in the Antique and Classic Boat…

1925 Hacker-Craft 26′ Triple Cockpit Runabout “Dolphin”

feeling nostalgic? we are pretty sure the 1925 Hacker-Craft 26′ Triple Cockpit Runabout “Dolphin” will transport you back in time, to the golden era of runabout boats and it could be yours to own at the upcoming auction event organized by RM Auctions at the Hershey Lodge, Hershey, Pennsylvania…