WySky: It Is A LED Lamp, A Speaker And An iPhone Dock Rolled Into One

The birth of crowdfunding platforms give raise to a world of innovations that you probably never thought you need. The WySky Apple-integrated Music Lamp is one such example. From the product name, it is easy to dismiss WySky as just another gimmicky dock, or a desk lamp, but rest assure that it is more than […]

Star Trek Enterprise 3D Deco Lamp Puts Realistic ‘Hologram’ In Your Home

Sci-fi books and films have opened our eyes to many drool worthy future tech. Sadly, not every one of those fantasy tech becomes a reality. Hologram is one of them. The hologram here we are referring to is real projection of a 3D object in wireframe or similar, not the sticker kind of hologram you […]

This Innovative Desk Lamp Turns On And Off By Plunging Action

There’s nothing wrong with button or flip switch, but we won’t object to novel alternatives to turn on a desk lamp and the DiMO Lamp is one such example that intrigues us – a lot. However, the product name doesn’t quite make this desk lamp’s unique feature shines. Seriously, it should be called a light […]

Topographically Accurate The Moon Displays The Current Lunar Phase

Moon phase is in itself as fascinating, if not more fascinating, then the moon and if you are a keen observer of the moon, then wouldn’t it be cool if you can have the moon to yourself, like you know, right in your living? No. You don’t need the SR-6 shrink ray to shrink the […]

Flyte Levitating Light Will Add Some Wizardry To Your Home

You don’t need to be a wizard to levitate lighted bulbs to make your home feel, well, more wizardry. All you need is grab the Flyte by Simon Morris and levitating light is just a touch away. It kind of saves you the trouble of attending Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry – if levitating […]

Franken Edison Light Is What Happens When Edison Meets Dr. Frankenstein

obviously, there is no correlation between Frankenstein and lightings (lightning, perhaps), but that does not make Dale Rorabaugh’s Franken Edison Light any less attractive. in fact, it is the opposite. Franken Edison Light brings together Thomas Edison’s electric light bulbs and Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein and presented as a single, brilliant lighting art. well, as far […]

LED Mushroom Desk Lamps

not all desk lamps serve its intended core purpose of shedding lights on your desk but that doesn’t make lightings such as the LED Mushroom Desk Lamps any less desirable. even the name itself spells curiosity and beckons us to check it out. one thing to note is, this isn’t your regular novelty lamps that you will find in your local novelty stores and they are certainly not Toad from Mushroom Kingdom;

Satechi Smart LED Desk Lamp

looking to spare your desk from the agony of cable clutter? well, you can start by getting a desk lamp that charges your power-hungry gadgets as well. speaking of which, the Satechi Smart LED Desk Lamp just happens to be one of such awesome double-duty desk lamp. apart from being a regular LED-based desk lamp

LEGO Table Lamps by Sean Kenney

usually kids outgrow their toys pretty quick but there are some toys that just wouldn’t let that happen. case in point: LEGO bricks. these myriad of tiny blocks offer kids to adults endless construction configurations and when you finally outgrown it, it came back haunting you with functional home goods like these table lamps made by Sean Kenny, a “professional kid” who happens…