Xiaomi Hongmi Note Smartphone

however impressive the specs of a phone are, price is almost always the stumbling block that stops makers from reaching out to more people (Apple is an exception which we shall not dwell into). Xiaomi’s budget line Hongmi is a living prove, well, in a positive way, that is. the first of Hongmi handsets, the 1S, flew…

Lenovo S-series Smartphones

like Apple, Lenovo’s designs never disappoints. so if you are in the market for some serious alternative to the likes of Samsung, LG and HTC, then look forward to the new S-series smartphones from the Chinese computer biggie. announced at the 2014 MWC, the S-series comprises of three handsets, the S860, S850 and S660, that boasts…

LG G2 mini

these days, we are seeing quite a few ‘monkey see, monkey do’ trend in the smartphone industry, including (ever) growing screen sizes, fingerprint scanning technology, golden treatment, and of course, flagship-miniaturization. the latest to join the latter (sounds weird, but…) is the LG G2 mini (and even the word ‘mini’ is officially in lower case. duh).

ARCHOS at Mobile World Congress 2014

this year’s Mobile World Congress is a few days away, but ARCHOS can’t wait to let you in on some of the good stuff they will be lugging along to Barcelona. the lineup, as of now, includes one tablet and three new handsets. kicking of the lineup is the ARCHOS 80 Helium, an 8-inch 4G tablet…

Xiaomi Hongmi 1S Smartphone

unofficially, the race for the ultimate budget phone is on. we have featured a number of wallet-friendly BLU Products’ handsets, but the latest from China handset maker, Xiaomi, dubbed as the Xiaomi Hongmi 1S (aka Redmi) is set to sweep the budget smartphone segment with its 799 RMB price tag, or about 130 American dollars for…

BLU Advance 4.0 and STUDIO 5.0 II Smartphone

BLU Products, the purveyor of contract-free, super affordable Android smartphone is at it again. it has announced not one, but two smartphones in North America today. the two devices, the BLU STUDIO 5.0 II and the Advance 4.0 are designed to support multiple bands, ensuring it will work with all GSM and 4G HSPA+ networks.

Samsung GALAXY Grand 2 Smartphone

after nearly a year on the market, the GALAXY Grand is set to be succeeded by the recently announced Samsung GALAXY Grand 2 smartphone. the new Grand not only has a .25″ bump in the screen size, but also has a faster quad-core processor running at 1.2GHz. its 5.25″ HD display has a 16:9 ratio that kind of

Oppo R819 Smartphone

the new Oppo R819 smartphone may not have the “coveted” Google Play Edition trailing behind its model name, but this Chinese handset does have provision to run stock Android (4.2.1) out-of-the-box if you so choose. so, Android purists who can’t take their eyes off this sleek device have something to rejoice about.