Dude Created A Custom Electric Guitar With 1200 Colored Pencils

One-of-a-kind electric guitars are not new. We have seen some pretty impressive custom guitar bodies thus far. No. Flying V isn’t one-of-a-kind guitar, but cardboard, “molten lava,” and skateboard guitar bodies are, and so is this: 1200 colored pencils guitar body. Redditor (Rockmann1), Imgur user (flyjumper) and YouTuber Burls Art has built himself a Fender […]

KLOS Super Durable Carbon Fiber Travel Guitar Gets Electrified!

Remember the folks who kind of make carbon fiber mainstream on acoustic guitars and from there on, make traveling with a guitar less of a stress? Yes. We referring to KLOS Guitars. The guitar that’s built to stand up to the punishment of traveling without weighing you down while still performs like it should – […]

KLOS Guitars 2.0: A Carbon Fiber Travel Guitar That Can Take The Beatings

Traveling musicians with a guitar on their back looks cool, but what these people didn’t tell you is, how their lovely instrument is susceptible to damage while on-the-road and that’s not to mention that it is cumbersome as hell. These nagging issues relating to traveling with guitar gave birth to (probably) the first hybrid carbon […]

Cardboard Fender Stratocaster Looks As Awesome As It Sounds

We have seen a myriad of stuff made out of cardboard, including a bicycle and even a car. So, it seems like nothing is impossible for cardboard, right? Well, for regular folks, cardboard will be cardboard and it has got to have some limits, but as far as Ernest Packaging is concerned, that statement holds […]

Molten Lava Diabolical Guitar Has Glowing Lava That Look So Hot And Cool At The Same Time

Don’t be alarmed. The Molten Diabolic Guitar by Hutchinson Guitar Concepts you see here is not actually forged from real molten lava, so as hot as it looks, you will only look uber cool shredding it. Hell, you will look cool even without the need to do anything. However, if the town of Tristram beneath […]

Skateboard Deck Electric Guitar Will Make You Shred The Axe In An Unconventional Way

There are guitars and then there’s guitar that can’t be played in a traditional way, like this one cobbled up by NYC-based design firm Stereotank, called Lap Skate Guitar. While it may sounds like it is a skateboard that doubles as an electric axe, it is not. In fact, it wasn’t even upcycled from an […]

Fusion Guitar has Everything You Need to Perform On-the-Go, Including Amp, Speakers and iPhone Dock

The Fusion Guitar may look a regular guitar with an slightly odd shape, but it is in fact an all-in-one guitar that has everything you need to compose or perform on-the-road without lugging along numerous pieces of equipment. It is an electric guitar. It is a guitar amp complete with speakers, of course, and it […]

Jamstik is a Half Size Digital Guitar Designed for Beginners and Music Creators, and Anyone In-between

fancy practicing your guitar shredding skills or perhaps, create music while on the move? well, this half-size digital guitar, known as Jamstik, might just be your cuppa. Jamstik not only takes guitar learning and music making into the digital age, but assimilate it into the mobile culture so you can do the things you love […]

ABKCO x Fender Beggars Banquet Guitar

regardless of whether you are a huge The Rolling Stones fan, or simply an avid guitar enthusiast (well, more like collector), chances are you are going to love the ABKCO x Fender Rolling Stones Beggars Banquet Guitar. this limited edition Telecaster guitar is a collaborative effort by ABKCO Music & Records and Fender to mark

Gittler Titanium Guitar

just when we thought the Stash Stainless Steel Bass was crazy, Gittler Instruments up the ante by going all titanium for its minimalist bass and guitar. based on the design by the late founding father of Gittler Instruments, the Titanium Guitar does without the cumbersome body, head, and even the neck.