FISKARS IsoCore Striking Tools Will Absorb Shocks and Vibrations, Alleviating the Impact on the User

Hammering may seem like a harmless chore, but it can do considerable damage to the user’s body in long run, especially if the person lives by the hammer or whatever striking tools. The shocks and vibrations with each strike are also signs that the forces applied are not being put to good use as they […]

Handsome Pen-style BitzBlade Multi-tool comes with a Miniature Survival Knife Blade and Window Punch

So you have your toolbox, but we bet it is stashed somewhere where it is not as conveniently accessible. By not ‘conveniently accessible’, we meant to say it would be hassle just to retrieve a screwdriver for a simple job. This is why there are multi-tools that you can keep by your side, so you […]

If There’s Only One Tool for Survival, The Lil Trucker Would be it

Most multi-tools should work fine at home or at most job sites, but if you need to do more like, for example, stopping advancing zombies on their tracks, well, look no further than The Lil Trucker. It’s creator calls it the ultimate multi-tool, but it really is the ultimate survival tool. Innovation Factory, the folks […]

Pop-A-Point Pencil-style Tool Pen Got Struck by Shrink Gun, Becomes Tool Pen mini with Tougher Bits

First introduced last year, Tool Pen is sort of a multi-tool, but designed to deal with all manner of screwing jobs and it was the first of such tool that ultilizes the concept of pop-a-point pencil, meaning a bit is pop out to swap for the bit you desire. It was a brilliant concept which […]

ODii Grab-it Gadget Goes Where No Grab-it Tool Has Gone, Including Very Tight and Dark Spaces

Here’s another interesting gadget that will help solve one of life’s many small inconveniences. It is called ODii Grab-it Gadget and it is what it say it is: a tool that grabs stuff, but it is not your ordinary grabber. ODii is extremely compact, measuring just 12 inches and multifunctional. Where the market offers inconveniently […]

WOHO WOKit Carabiner Multi-tool Boasts a Reversible Ratchet Capable of up to 30 Nm of Torque

A multi-tool as it is, is commonplace, but something of WOKit Carabiner Multi-tool’s size and still touts a reversible ratchet with up to 30 Nm torque? Not so. However, unlike many multi-tools in the market, WOKit does not tout itself as a one-piece solution. This carabiner multi-tool actually has three parts to it: the carabiner […]

The Box of Tools is What You Need to Get Your Kids Started in Carpentry

Here’s a Box of Tools for your kids if you’re looking to nurture them into someone good with their hands. Someone who, in future, makes a good DIY-er, especially in the area of carpentry. We think it is a great idea, the tools. At least, for starter, juniors will learn that furniture is not Ikea […]

This Wallet-friendly Comb Can Do More Than Combing Your Lovely Locks

You have seen multi-tool that holds your bang up, now meet one that combs your hair. Taking the form of a hedgehog and appropriately named Headgehog, it is a multi-functional comb that offers additional six functionalities, including a money clip (required an elastic band), Phillips screwdriver, four sizes of wrench, a chip clip, bottle opener […]

EDC Card Updated Multi-tool Card With Tougher Material and Over 30 Functions

the idea of card size multi-tool isn’t newest idea, though so, we noted it hasn’t change much to adapt to modern applications. that said, we are glad to hear that someone has finally decides it is time for a change and the result is the EDC Multi-tool Card you see here. honestly, the product name […]

Treeline Outdoors’ New Axes Wants You To Split Woods In Style

if you are in the market for axes that performs as good as they looks, then we think Treeline Outdoors Half Hatchet and Hudson Bay Axe are two stylish axes that might be worthy of your consideration. the Half Hatchet celebrates North America craft and trade with a 1.5 lb forged steel head, painted in […]