This Gorgeous Custom Harley-Davidson Cost As Much As A Supercar

Would you pay over a million for a custom motorcycle? Probably not, but I am sure there is someone who will, though that person would have to have a thing for Harley-Davidson and don’t mind it looking all blue and shiny. Like, super shiny. The Bucherer x Bündnerbike Blue Edition Harley-Davidson you see here is […]

2015 Harley-Davidson Freewheeler Trike – A Touring Bike With Cargo Space, But With A Pricey Start

touring bike is fun, but luggage space is a serious turn off if you actually want to use it for touring. that said, you might be better off on a trike that has a real trunk like the new 2015 Harley-Davidson Freewheeler Trike. trike is not new in personal transportation – it has been around […]

This Is Project LiveWire, Harley-Davidson’s First Electric Motorcycle

think Harley and the image of bad boys, tattoos and ground-shaking, rumbling sound comes to mind. in fact, that throaty growl has been Harley’s trademark for like, forever, and honestly, though we may not be the biggest of fans of Harley, we cannot imagine a ride bearing the legendary namesake and yet cruises without that […]

Bell & Ross B-Rocket Concept Bike

2011 marked the year Bell & Ross successfully transited from the air to the ground with a special collab with Shaw Harley-Davidson Speed & Custom. three years on, the French luxury watch company is reaffirming their foothold on the ground with the radical and retro-licious B-Rocket Concept Bike.

Harley Panhead by Noise Cycles

i don’t profess to know all about motorcycles, even though at one time, i used to repair reccee motorcycles in the service, but i do know a two-wheel beauty when i see one, such as this Harley Panhead as custom by California-based custom motorcycle builder, Noise Cycles. the fact that this 1952 Harley Panhead has been crowned the ‘Best of Show’ at the top custom bike event in the United States

Carducci SC3 Adventure Dual Sport Motorcycle

stop lamenting about why Harley-Davidson doesn’t have an off-roader. it is just… not meant to be. however, if you have a Harley David 883 or 1200 sportster born between 1993 and 2003 laying around, then we have good news for you. now, you can officially shake off the “social stigma” of a non-badass cruising around like

Harley Fat Boy Shadow Rocket by Rough Crafts

Harley-Davidson is pretty much a manly thing but if that isn’t enough, perhaps a stealth makeover should up its manliness ante by a notch or two. well, in this case, stealth does not really mean coating the bike with radar-absorbing material (you know that right?) but it is more of an all out dark, black treatment plus some custom parts and to this end, no one does it…

Shaw F1-XLR Harley Nightster

a custom performance motorcycle without the look is like a powerful computer without a decent casing. give it a mundane case, you won’t feel the kick using it. admit it. this holds true for most of us. but that won’t be the case for the Shaw F1-XLR Harley Nightster, a Harley tricked out by UK-based Shaw Speed & Custom…

1972 Harley-Davidson “Conquistador” Surf Bike

this caught my eyes because it says it was built in year 1972 but it doesn’t look a bit like a 70s issue Harley-Davidson. so this isn’t just any Harley. it is said that this wicked bike was comm…