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Ficks Cocktail Fortifier

this is what happens: you get off from work, head down to your favorite watering hole and do some social drinking (which usually turns out to be one too many). and after, God knows how many pitches, you head home, throw yourself on to the couch and the next day you woke up feeling like you have taken a hit from a freight train. sounds familiar? that’s hangover, which nobody likes. lucky for you social butterflies, you need not to put yourself through such excruciating process anymore; all you need is Ficks Cocktail Fortifier, a specially formulated cocktail accessory that prevents you from suffering from the much dreaded morning after, while not altering the taste of your cocktail as intended by the mixologists. Continue reading Ficks Cocktail Fortifier

Flamio Lamp

can’t decide if you need a table lamp, a night light, an ambient light, or even an art piece on your desk? then you really have to check out Flamio Light, an art-like desk lamp that can operate in a variety of modes; from regular table lamp for your reading needs to night light mode to ambient mode, and even accent mode to light up your feature wall. the lamp is composed of three parts: the curved, metal-plated track, the LED ring lamp, and the base. the curved track not only offers an eye-pleasing aesthetic, but also allows for the 9W LED ring lamp to be positioned anywhere along the track to suit your needs and thereby, letting you swiftly switched from a regular reading lamp to a night lamp, or simply to any position you desire. Continue reading Flamio Lamp

iQi Mobile Wireless Charging for iPhone

we were surprised that Apple has gone to length to introduce fingerprint security feature and not the current hyped wireless charging. if we were to choose between those two features, we’d go for wireless charging as a more ‘practical approach’. i mean, i have never, in my smartphone using career thus far, thought keying a few numbers is a hassle at all. fortunately, you can now equip your latest iPhone 5s, or any iOS device with Lightning connector, with wireless charging capability without bulking up the device and the accessory to do just that would be the iQi Mobile Wireless Charging for iPhone. i am sure most of you have read about third-party wireless charging accessories for iPhone, but the iQi Mobile stands out as one that is ridiculously thin, at 0.5mm to be specific, and plugs directly to your device’s Lightning port. Continue reading iQi Mobile Wireless Charging for iPhone

BluFit Smart Water Bottle

with about 60 percent of our human body composition being water, it makes sense to keep ourselves hydrated. under normal circumstances, a grown person shouldn’t have problem knowing that he or she should be kept hydrated anyway, but in case you do need a little reminder every now and then, or simply want to monitor your fluid intake, then you’d be glad to know there’s actually an app and hardware for that. meet the BluFit, a connected smart water bottle that works in conjunction with an app to track your hydration process, set and monitor goals, and manage alerts. made of BPA and phthalate-free glass bottle with silicone sleeve, the BluFit smart water bottle is packed with Bluetooth LE chip for connectivity, water flow sensor to track your water intake, environment sensors, a rechargeable battery (good for six days of use per charge), and integrated multi-color LED lights (configurable to the color of your choice) to alert you that it is time to drink. Continue reading BluFit Smart Water Bottle

Hexoskin Wireless Shirt

there’s a limit to what a smartwatch can do when it comes to monitoring your body metrics during your exercise routine and as a watch, it sometimes can’t get essential data such as heart rate or ECG without having to rig yourself with a bunch other gears. that, needless to say, will impede your mobility which is not favorable as far as sports is concerned. this is what Carré Technologies‘ Hexoskin Wireless Shirt wants to change. crafted from Italian textiles, this ‘smart’ shirt is packs with sensors to monitor datas such as ECG, heart rate, breathing rate and volume, activity level, steps taken, cadence and more. of course, things are not going to magically happen with just sensors alone; the whole package includes a tiny device that plugs to the shirt and slips into a small integrated pocket at the waist of the shirt. Continue reading Hexoskin Wireless Shirt

ENFOJER Portable Smartphone Photographic Enlarger

the art of black and white photo development is pretty much extinct since the invention of color-capable cameras. well, thanks to a bunch of photography enthusiasts, you can now relive the dark room photo developing experience even when your camera of choice is a smartphone. going digital does not necessary means that you are resigned to expensive photo printers cos’ the ENFOJER Portable Smartphone Photographic Enlarger is here to give you back the process that used to be part of the fun of photography. this retro-sleek contraption lets you “transfer” the stills you have taken with your smartphone to Ilford quality photo paper, just like the good old days. the process is no doubt a little more time consuming (actually, it takes just 6 minutes per image) than churning them out on a photo printer, but the upside is, you get to immerse yourself in the whole process of photo developing from adjusting the image size, exposing the paper, bathing it and the drying it. the result would be artistic, exhibition-ready prints of up to 20 x 20 centimeters. Continue reading ENFOJER Portable Smartphone Photographic Enlarger

Monsieur Notebooks – The Real Leather Notebook

believe it or not, some of us here still carries with us a notebook when we head out. yes. as strange as it may sound, it is hard to beat pen and paper when comes to jotting down notes, doodling and the likes, and it is also the best way to give away your numbers to the hot girl you met at your favorite watering hole (or the way round if you are all hunk and handsome). as such, being style-conscious and all, we expect the notebook to look as good as our modern gadgets. speaking of which, nothing beats a real-deal leather cover notebook, you know, leather kind of speaks of class and says a lot about the man holding it. the Monsieur Notebooks are just the notebook that offers real leather for its cover, and not just any leather, each notebook is clad in one single piece of top grain hide that is not only handsome, but also strong and soften with age, thereby offering flexibility and at the same time, adds a unique character to the notebook. Continue reading Monsieur Notebooks – The Real Leather Notebook

Sprayable Energy

lifestyle. the norm for such energy booster today are coffee and energy drinks such as Monster and Red Bull, but i will be honest with you about those beverages: it doesn’t work on me. i suspect i am seriously “immune” to caffeine. i often joke that it would require “direct injections” of the stimulant drug into my body in order for it to have any effect on me. of course, i can’t actually do that… until now. well, sort of. the Sprayable Energy you see here is touted as the world’s first caffeine based topical energy spray and as the product name suggests, it is the energy booster in the form of spray. using patent-pending technology, scientists/researchers managed to get the active ingredient caffeine, which is otherwise not quite soluble in water, become soluble enough for it to permeate human skins. Continue reading Sprayable Energy

iDoorCam: Doorbell Reinvented

if you often find yourself dragging your feet to answer the door, then perhaps, it is time to enlist the help of the iDoorCam. this sleek, minimalist device replaces your existing doorbell and make use of the current doorbell’s cabling for power, and packs built-in WiFi connectivity, a button for the ringer, a day- and night-vision camera, plus a speaker and microphone combo. there’s also a motion sensor built-into, but you won’t be able to take advantage of it until at launch or at a later stage through over-the-air (OTA) software updates, but it is good to know that this device is somewhat future-proof, so to speak. currently, the device works with a companion app that lets you see who’s at the door when the ringer is activated, wherever you are – be it inside your pad, at your office, or even while you are vacationing somewhere – as long as there’s WiFi, 3G or 4G network around. Continue reading iDoorCam: Doorbell Reinvented

Ring Clock

as far as men are concerned, there’s really isn’t much to a ring, which means it is something we could live without. however, if there is one ring that could to do more than just adorning our fingers, then we suppose we could seriously considering them as a necessity. do more as in doubling as a multi-tool, or perhaps, tell time? the latter is exactly what the Ring Clock is about. you did not read it wrong – thanks to the technological advancements, a thing as tiny as ring could now double as a watch. a ring watch, if you may, but the maker is calling it the Ring Clock. originally a concept born two years ago by designer Gusztav Szikszai, it is now to become a reality, well, almost. Continue reading Ring Clock