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Bug-A-Salt - The Original Salt Gun
Bug-A-Salt | from US$30.00 | www.bugasalt.com

summer time is the time for outdoor activities such as backyard BBQ and picnics but it also a time where pesky insects such as houseflies come gatecrashing into our party. without doubt these flying menaces are not only irritating but also bring about germs that could cause diseases such as typhoid fever, dysentery et cetera. that said, it is wise to eliminate them before they do harm to us and our love ones. traditionally, we use fly traps that include adhesives, electric shock or simply go around swapping them one by one with a fly swap, which kind of makes us look more like some bored retirees, not to mention leaving an aftermath of the pests’ splatter that are often a chore to clean. Continue reading Bug-A-Salt

iPhone Stun Gun Case

Yellow Jacket iPhone Stun Gun Case
iPhone Stun Gun Case | US$100.00 | www.yellowjacketcase.com

when your personal safety is being threaten, what would you do to repel the assailant when the only thing you have is your iPhone? make a hasty SOS call to whoever? throw your phone at your assailant? or perhaps, repeatedly hitting the attacker with your iPhone? honestly, none of those will work, especially if your threat is physically larger than you and worst, has a knife that is hungry for a jab on you if you make a wrong move. unfortunately, there’s no app available in the AppStore that would help you fend off shifty dudes but soon, there will be a case that could give your attacker a nice jolt – literally. Continue reading iPhone Stun Gun Case


iBanglez Spot On Edition
iBanglez | from US$50.00 | www.ibanglez.com

we are no stranger to watch band that turns your iPod nano into a cool touchscreen wrist watch. there are so many of them in the market but hardly any that truly suits the fairer sex. silicon-based iPod nano wristband is good for hitting the gym and stainless steel item is a little too manly for our lady friends, so there’s a void to be filled. this is where iBanglez comes in. instead of sporting a flexible strap like any nano wristband, iBanglez comes in the form of a solid bangle and is crafted from 100% pure stainless steel. Continue reading iBanglez

LuminAID – An Inflatable Solar Light

LuminAID - An Inflatable Solar Lamp 740x600px
(image: LuminAID Lab) LuminAID Inflatable Solar Light | US$25.00 | www.luminAIDlab.com

most of us lives in a comfort zone, benefitting from the latest inventions and innovations but wouldn’t it be nice if such developments also benefit the needy at the same time? the LuminAID is one innovation that does precisely that. so what exactly is a LuminAID? well, it is an inflatable solar lamp that is designed with disaster relief aid in mind. as the name suggest, it is an inflatable bag made of semi-transparent plastic material with solar-powered super bright LEDs inside, which is extremely lightweight and portable, making it suitable for disaster relief situations, as well as recreational outdoor use. to use the LuminAID, all you have to do is to let it recharge under the sun for four-six hours, inflate it and you are all set. user can choose between HIGH or LOW setting, depending on usage or applications. Continue reading LuminAID – An Inflatable Solar Light

device that lets your pocket video camera tracks your every move

Satarii Star Integrated Tracking System 544px
(image credit: Satarii Star)

self-portrait for still images isn’t an issue as long as the camera has a built-in self-timer but what about self-videoing? the biggest issue with self-video is following or tracking. when the subject moves, the camera doesn’t, thus resulting in subject went out of frame. three guys, Vlad Tetelbaum, Brian Lamb and Dean Hamilton has a clever solution that allows your camera to follow your every move. in essence, it’s an integrated tracking system for pocket video camera. Continue reading device that lets your pocket video camera tracks your every move