Google Translate Now Lets You Translate Instantly By Pointing Your Smartphone Camera At Street Signs

Good news, globetrotters! Google has updated its Google Translate app for both Android and iOS to make life aboard a little easier in term of language. The updated app now gives you the power to instantly translate text using your camera, making it easier for you when navigating street signs in a foreign land, or …

How To Download Facebook Paper App Outside Of The U.S.

It has been about 10 months since Facebook Paper goes official, but it is still not available to everyone outside of the United States. But why should you get Facebook Paper? Well, all we have to say is this: if you haven’t been using Facebook Paper, you don’t know what you have missed. For the …

React Sidekick Sends A Distress Signal To Your Friends At A Press Of A Button

there are smartphone apps that let you send a distress call when you are in trouble, but those involves a rather lengthy process, including pulling out your phone, unlocking it and lunching the app. obviously in a real emergencies, you won’t have time for that. this is where React Mobile‘s React Sidekick comes in. React …


had enough of iPhone-controlled vertical take-off aircraft? how about a change from that and go for a smartphone-controlled airplane instead? though the company behind this slow flyer, Germany-based TobyRich, claimed the SmartPlane as the world’s first smartphone-controlled airplane, it is technically not the first smartphone-controlled toy aircraft to take to the sky.

iBug RC Robotic Bug

the iBug RC Robotic Bug you see here is not the newest of the new, but still, it makes an awesome Christmas stuffer for this Holiday Season and looks pretty cute too, well, in a creepy way, that is. hailing from China’s Shenzhen BaiYuYi Electronics company, who basically deals with all things electronic, the iBug RC Robotic Bug is a close relative to the firm’s iRoach, a robotic cockroach.

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