what you do in a virtual racing environment should never be practiced in real life. we all know that, don’t we? but what if you could? well, actually you can – with the Anki DRIVE which literally takes your iOS racing to real life, albeit at in a toy scale. SF-based Anki is firm founded back in 2010 and is committed to bringing artificial intelligence

Hex Smartphone-controlled Nanocopter

ever tried starting out on remote control flying? then you will know how hard it is, but thanks to technological advancements we have today, things are a way easier as compared to when i was just starting out. the Hex Smartphone-controlled Nanocopter is just one such example. however, run-of-the-mill, it is not.

Babolat Play Pure Drive Connected Racquet

what else isn’t connected these days? sports, for example, are pretty much connected, which enables you to keep track of your performance in sporting activities such as cycling, running, or swimming with the help of sensors and companion smartphone apps. now even tennis is getting its fair share of performance

Parrot A.R.Drone 2.0 Power Edition

we are sure most of us are familiar with Parrot A.R.Drone by now. unless you are a pro flyer, the current state of battery life of this lovely, advanced remote flying quadcopter should be more than sufficient, but if you have already reached the Nirvana of A.R.Drone piloting, the 12 minutes or so of flight time would be something to sneer at and that’s why now

Sphero 2.0

when a cute little robotic ball called Sphero rolled into the market almost two years ago, it literally takes gaming out of your mobile device and into the real world, signifying a new era for augmented reality gaming, but we will be honest with you: we didn’t think remotely rolling a ball around would be fun.

Mr. Ghost EMF Detector For iPhone

you might not have a real working Proton Backpack to kickstart your ghostbusting business, but at least you know that your trusty iPhone could be used as a device for detecting the presence of supernatural beings – all you need to do is to acquire the Mr. Ghost EMF Detector For iPhone, plug it into the headphone jack of your iPhone

Range Smart Thermometer

let’s face it: not everyone is born a chef. cooking while not atomic science, involves some form of inborn talent such as the ability to manipulate the herbs and spices, and most importantly, the feel of when the food is at the right heat. you can easier get coaching off the Internet for the former, but the latter is really something you have to have it in you,

2014 Ikea Augmented Reality Catalog App

whenever we hit up ikea stores, we make sure we have our home or office floor plan handy – just to be sure we don’t get anything that doesn’t fit (returning a bed or sofa can be hassle, really). while “sizing” can be solved by the good old way (i.e. measuring), whether the furniture does

Tek Recon Advanced Battle System

so you are totally addicted to your game console? you know it’s not a good sign, but you can’t for your life, give a moment with Call of Duty. fortunately, you can seek a short reprieve soon by bringing your first person shooting to the real world – with toy guns, of course. the Tek Recon Advanced Battle System

Pixuru Photo-To-Canvas iPhone App

ever wished that you could turn those breathtaking stills taken with your iPhone into huge canvas prints that you can proudly display in your living? with the free Pixuru iPhone app, you can. to prove the point, the company has turned an iPhone 5 photo of the Chicago Merchandise Mart into a beautiful 25-foot (7.6 meters) wide canvas print