BRIC+ Productivity Case for iPhone 5 and 5s

the product name, BRIC+ Productivity Case for iPhone 5 and 5s, doesn’t tell you a lot, but it is actually a 3-in-1 iPhone accessories. if you are all in for iPhonegraphy, you will be delighted to know that the BRIC+ case for iPhone 5 and 5s offers a magnetically attached 3.5x optical zoom lens for some serious boost

olloclip Macro 3-IN-1 Clip-on Lens for iPhone

the quality of iPhone 5/5s camera is undisputed, but however advanced it is, macro photography is not in the order and that is a brutal fact. when we said ‘macro’ we mean really, really close up, like observing the stamps, rocks, coins and even your skins. your curiosity for incredible details of everyday objects can be fulfilled

olloclip 4-IN-1 iPhone Lens

the camera on iPhone 5 and now, the newer 5s is pretty capable. top that up with the slew of awesome third party photography apps and you have one serious iPhonegraphy device, but there are still some ‘missing links’ that the apps and the built-in camera can’t fill and that’s the real lens effect, a la DSLR lens changing capability

Schneider iPro Series 2 Lenses for iPhone 5

if you are super serious about iPhonegraphy, then you would probably have amass a slew of photography-related apps by now. however, you might want to take its hardware a notch up by acquiring the Schneider iPro Series 2 Lenses for iPhone 5. we are totally aware that add-on lenses for iPhone are getting a bit of

SnappGrip – Smartphone Case with Camera Controller

are you working hard towards being a pro-iphonegrapher? if so, London-based Lee Harris have something that you might need to make that happen (skills not included, of course). the product in question is the SnappGrip, a smartphone case (a pretty snazzy one, if we might add) and camera controller combo that…

ACA Camera Kit – Kid-friendly Camera Case for iPhone 5

if you really must let your kid have an iPhone (when we say kids, we really mean very young kids), then you must as well get them started with photography (iPhonegraphy, to be exact) instead of not-so-wholesome screaming, furious birds. however, iPhone 5 by itself as a camera probably won’t…

iPhone 5 Trygger Camera Clip

iPhone 5’s 8.0-megapixel camera is awesome and it has, to some extend, replaces many people’s need for a regular digital camera but still, it falls short in areas like color saturation and contrast that often washes away important details. this is where a simple device like the iPhone 5 Trygger Camera Clip can help. the Trygger Camera Clip is an ingenious clip-on accessory that will…

HiLo Lens

love firing off your shutter at unsuspecting folks? then you will love HiLO Lens, the world’s first right angle lens for iPhone or iPad. of course, the designer has good intentions – intentions for iPhonegraphers to take their iPhonegraphy to a greater lows or higher highs, literally – all of which previously couldn’t be done. well, technically the highs and lows could be done but those…

Apogee MiC / Zacuto Zgrip Jr. Kit

the market is certainly no shortage of purpose-built rig to turn your iPhone into a full-fledge videoing rig. we ourselves have seen plenty of them but you know what’s missing from these rigs? a good, big pro-grade microphone to capture the pristine audio to match with the iPhone’s beautiful full HD 1080p video recording. this is where the marriage between Apogee’s MiC, a studio…

KLYP for iPhone by Manfrotto

iPhone 5 may be out but that doesn’t stop millions of iPhone 4 or 4S users (like yours truly here) from continuing to shoot with our ‘older’ devices and we foresee that we will be doing so for a quite a while. if you consider yourself as more than just an avid iPhonegrapher, then we think these new accessories from renown camera accessories maker, Manfrotto…