Ducati Multistrada D-Air Wireless Airbag System

when it comes to motobiking, the only thing that comes between you and the road is, well… you, which makes rider protection all the more critical and often a daunting task. we have seen crazy, fashionista airbag collar for cyclist and more practical airbag jacket with built-in crash sensors in the apparel but today, rider protection is…

Special Operations Camo Jacket

put on a Special Operations Camo Jacket by Master & Commander and do whatever outdoor stuff you desire without having to worry about the cold, the wind, or the water. inspired by the Special Operations Forces Protective Clothing Unit Level 5 Jacket (PCU L5), this is as close as you can get to the real-deal rugged wear as worn by elite forces around the world

Porsche Steve McQueen Racing Jacket

though Steve McQueen was known for his acting, he was equally celebrated for his achievements in the motor racing arena and this commemorative outwear, the Porsche Steve McQueen Racing Jacket is the perfect reflection of the King of Cool’s status. paying homage to the late McQueen, the jacket bears an unmistakable 70s styling and features an inner lining that

SeV Tropiformer Jacket – The Gadget Jacket

not everyone fancy the idea of carrying a bag, but still there are essential gadgets to bring. that’s where the SeV Tropiformer Jacket will come super handy. specially designed by Scottevest for all style-conscious geeks out there, the SeV is made of super lightweight, soft and breathable material and features

Doctor Who 11th Doctor’s Green Jacket

you may be living in a tropical state but not having freezing winter is not an excuse to give this highly collectible Doctor Who 11th Doctor’s Green Jacket a miss. no, seriously. it looks so cool and we are afraid that once put on, you might loose yourself and think that you are in the Girl Who Waited set. let’s no over do it, shall we? this officially licensed replica of the 11th Doctor’s…

AI Jacket with integrated Goggles

you know what makes it to this blog? cool, marvelous stuff and not forgetting the uber goofy ones, like this down jacket that comes complete with an integrated snow goggles. it doesn’t sounds all that goofy or anything out of the ordinary until the wearer zips up the zipper all the way to the hood. this particular jacket designed by a Milan-based outfit known as AI Riders on…

Ferrari Shield Vintage Jacket

if you are person who prefer to let your dressing do the talking, then a jacket like this Ferrari Shield Vintage Jacket should tells those around two things: you have style and you probably drive a prancing horse ride, and even if you don’t, you still look stylish. as simple as that. inspired by the Cavallino Rampante racing cars used in the Formula 1 races in the 1970s…