Here’s a Knife Block That is Worthy of Any Contemporary Kitchen Setup

We don’t need to tell you why kitchen knives need to be stored in a block, that’s a no brainer but do you know that nasty bacteria might be lurking in those slots. So, yes. Not only does wooden knife block looks a tad too conventional (more like bland, really), it also has some untold […]

Bag Hero Wants to Eliminate Stale Chips, First by Getting the Bag to Stand

We hate to sound like so informercial, but we also can’t deny that the Bag Hero Chips Stand and Closing System does looks like a ‘As Seen on TV’ product. Anywho, we don’t do this often and when we do, like now, then it had to be something we appreciate, however minute it may be. […]

Custom Ron Burgundy Cutting Board Labeled with Food Pun Makes Cooking a Less Boring Affair

Think cooking up a meal is a mundane task? Well, curse whoever is eating with you for not extending a helping hand, or at least keep you company, but on the other hand, you could spice things up a little, like having a cutting board such as the Ron Burgundy “I’m Kind of a big […]

Mug Stacker Stacks Up Your Mugs Neatly, Eliminates Mug Clutter

There are many minute stuff in our lives that we managed to live with, you know, such as having too many mugs that eventually clutter up the cabinet or shelves. We can live with that, but what if you can don’t live with it? Well, if The Mug Stacker has its way, you can eventually […]

Pfister REACT Brings Touch-free Faucet to Your Kitchen

Touch-free faucet is not the newest of the new, but touch-free faucets designed specifically for home are something of a news and are stuff that makes a modern home, which is why it makes the Pfister REACT Touch-free Kitchen Faucets worthy of a mention. As to why using gesture to trigger water on or off […]

These Knives Have Laser-bonded Titanium-carbide Surface That Only Requires Sharpening Once in 25 Years

for those who don’t cook or don’t cook as often, the chore of sharpening of knives is virtually non-existence, but for those who do, the Furtif Evercut Knives might just be a time-saver and if that weren’t enough to draw you, perhaps the funky fractal handles might. they kind of adds a little fun to […]

Star Wars X-Wing Knife Block May Have Taken Merchandising A Little Too Far

when it comes to movie merchandise, when is it considered ‘taking things a little too far’? a knife block, perhaps? such as this Star Wars X-Wing Knife Block? perhaps. there is hardly any association between kitchen knives and Star Wars, but that hasn’t stop the owner of Star Wars from putting the stamp of approval […]

Tweak Proves That Sink Strainer Can Be Further Innovated. Yes. A Sink Strainer.

kitchen sink strainer is among the last thing on Earth that needs innovation, or so we thought. some may exclaim ‘it’s a strainer, for goodness’ sake. what’s there to reinvent?’ well, if you happen to be one of the aforementioned, then you probably have not done the washing chore in a long time, or even […]

BKON Craft Brewer Churns Out 60 Perfect Cups of Tea In An Hour

tea has been around for like forever and to this day, how tea is brewed remains largely unchanged, regardless of culture or religion. it basically involves dumping tea leaves into boiling water, or in a more modern methodology, permeable bag with grounded tea leaves is soaked in hot water to bring out the flavor. however, […]