Midual’s First Bike Has a Fuel Tank Loaded With Gauges, Looks Almost Steampunk-ish

French bike maker Midual’s first motorcycle, Type 1, definitely had us at hello. well, the thing that draws us to it is not the sports bike-ish or roadster look (though that has something to do with it too), but it is the enormous fuel tank that’s peppered with gauges. granted with a chock-full of analog […]

Steampunk Triumph Is The Result When An Accomplished Motorcyclist Had A Say About Her Ride

there are custom two-wheelers and then there are those such as this stunning Steampunk Triumph Scrambler that makes you go ooh. it is more than just hardware; it is the folks behind it that makes this bike shines. this 2013 Triumph Scrambler is Sarah Lahalih’s handiwork but who the heck is Sarah Lahalih, you ask? […]

2015 Harley-Davidson Freewheeler Trike – A Touring Bike With Cargo Space, But With A Pricey Start

touring bike is fun, but luggage space is a serious turn off if you actually want to use it for touring. that said, you might be better off on a trike that has a real trunk like the new 2015 Harley-Davidson Freewheeler Trike. trike is not new in personal transportation – it has been around […]

Bandit9 Bishop Concept Will Make You Fall In Love With Cafe Racer-style Motorbike All Over Again

there are bike lovers and then there are bike lovers who just love the unconventional. if you belong to the latter, chances are, you have heard of Daryl Villanueva, better known for his works behind Bandit9. EVE was the last we have seen from this exceedingly talented custom bike maker and as the dust is […]

This Cafe Racer Is Powered By A Turbo Diesel Engine And Fueled By Bacon

what do you get when you put motorcycle, turbo, diesel and bacon together? nothing. probably a whole lot mess, if you ask for, but in the case of Hormel Foods, the result is this bike, dubbed Black Label Bacon Bike, you see here. if turbo diesel powered bike isn’t a rarity already, i am sure […]

Indian Introduces Scout, Probably The Sportiest Cruiser Bike Yet

cruiser bike usually don’t associate with sportiness, well, that’s before the 2015 Indian Scout was announced over the weekend at the Sturgis rally. Polaris has been working extra hard to roll out new models since last year’s official ‘rebirth’ of American bike brand. over the weekend, we saw the Roadmaster made its public debut and […]

The Indian Roadmaster Lives Again, Heads To Sturgis Motorcycle Rally For Demo

what better way to carry an iconic marque than to introduce a new iteration of its iconic ride? we are talking about the Indian Roadmaster, a ride which was originally produced between 1947 and 1953, and has proven to be defining touting bike of its time. the 2015 Indian Roadmaster wants to rekindle that tradition, […]

Polaris New Three-wheel Slingshot Is Actually A Belt-driven Motorcycle

this year Polaris marks its 60th year in the business and the Minnesota-based company is celebrating with a super cool three-wheel roadster, the Polaris Slingshot. on the surface, the Slingshot may look like TORQ’s roadster and Campagna T-Rex, but at its heart it is really a motorcycle and it is designed like so as with […]

This Is Project LiveWire, Harley-Davidson’s First Electric Motorcycle

think Harley and the image of bad boys, tattoos and ground-shaking, rumbling sound comes to mind. in fact, that throaty growl has been Harley’s trademark for like, forever, and honestly, though we may not be the biggest of fans of Harley, we cannot imagine a ride bearing the legendary namesake and yet cruises without that […]