Nokia 6 Arrives In The USA, Available Starting July On Amazon For $229

Earlier this year, HMD Global, the exclusive licensee of the Nokia brand for mobile phones and tablets, announced its first Nokia smartphone, the Nokia 6, since its ‘resurrection’, but unfortunately, to the dismay of the international community, it was then said that it will only be sold in China. However, it looks like the company […]

Nokia 3310 Lives Again In Color And With A Month’s Worth Of Battery Life

So you heard the exciting rumor and now here the official words from the maker: Nokia 3310 is alive once again – thanks to licensed Nokia phone maker, fellow Finnish company, HMD Global. If you are expecting an exact replica with modern innards, well, then I am afraid you might be disappointed. To be honest, […]

Rejoice Nokia Fans Cos’ The Iconic Nokia 3310 Is Coming Back!

Nokia once reined supreme in the mobile phone arena. Unfortunately time and technology had caught up with them, effectively putting an end to the era of cell phone. During its heyday and before the proliferation of smartphones, the Finnish tech company had turned out countless mobile phones, but it was the 3 series, particularly the […]

HMD Resurrects Nokia Smartphone, Brings Nokia 6 To China Market

Nokia smartphone has rose from the ashes thanks to HMD Global Oy, a Espoo, Finland-based company, who has proclaimed itself as the new home of Nokia phones and tablets. HMD is the exclusive licensee of the Nokia brand for mobile phones and tablets, and the first phone to roll out under its wing is an […]

Nokia’s $60K Virtual Reality Camera, OZO, Is Open For Pre-order

After giving up its mobile division, Nokia has been dabbling in bigger things, like navigation and imaging. If you have not yet hear, earlier on this year, the Finnish tech company has unveiled its first virtual reality camera, dubbed OZO. The product name is as odd as the shape of the camera. When viewed from […]

Nokia Outs Minimalistic and Beautiful N1 Lollipop-powered Android Tablet

So you think the sale of Nokia’s Devices and Services Unit to Microsoft signals the end of Nokia consumer hardware legacy? Well, not so soon. The Finnish company is quick hop back into the hardware arena, but this time with a dainty little Android tablet called N1 that has an uncanny resemblance to the iPhone […]

Nokia Lumia 525 Windows Phone

we do have a feeling that there is a phenomena known as “another day, another Nokia handset.” well, maybe that’s an exaggeration, but it certainly feels that way, either that or, time really zipped pass too quickly for us to grasp. anyway, here it is, the Nokia Lumia 525 Windows Phone, which is yet another pretty handset coming from the long time Finnish handset maker.

Nokia Lumia 2520 Windows Tablet

well, folks. the much anticipated (or not) Windows tablet from the Finnish handset maker is finally official. the Nokia Lumia 2520 Windows Tablet, as it is called, is the first tablet coming from Nokia bearing the proven aesthetic that has saw the breeze sales of the Lumia handsets and in all honesty, it is not too shabby on the spec sheet at all.