S.T. Dupont Star Wars X-Wing Rollerball Pen Is A Pen That Is Also A Pricey Toy

How many times can you say your pen is also a toy? And nope. Twirling your pen does not count. So, I guess it is a no? However, in the case of the S.T. Dupont Star Wars X-Wing Rollerball Pen, the pen is indeed a toy, or if you will, a scale model. Interesting notion […]

Montegrappa Game of Thrones WESTEROS Fountain Pen: All-In-One Houses Writing Instrument

The old adage ‘the pen is mightier than the sword’ was probably a statement made to avert nasty confrontations, but try telling that to the folks in the world of Game of Thrones. They probably won’t concur, but that does not mean a pen is any less important in this fictional world where political and […]

DUO – A Minimal And Yet Sophisticated Ball Pen That’s Also A Stylus

If styluses haven’t catch on with you, it is safe to say you are one who still prefer the good old way of writing and sketching. Well, in that case, here’s an uber stylish writing instrument worthy of your consideration: DUO. DUO is the brainchild of UK-based 529 Studio and it is a pen that […]

Meet 01, The Pen That Measures With A Surveyor’s Wheel-Like Roller

Most of us don’t carry a measuring tape or even ruler with us even knowing that it will come in handy. But that’s not surprising at all. Though tape measures and rulers are not cumbersome, they are a pain to bring along anyways and also, they are not exactly eye-pleasing and nobody likes a 30-cm […]

A Squeeze Is All You Need To Start Writing With if… Pen. No Click, No Twist

Tech and style are not the only things this blog look out for. Uniqueness, or on the opposite end of the spectrum, oddity, is also something that intrigues us and such is what the if… Pen (yup, that’s the product’s name) has. But in the case of if… Pen, it is unique. How so? The […]

Gearhead Shifter Pen Lets You Stick Shift Through Boring Meetings

If your mind often wander off during a meeting, day dreaming about yourself cruising along the Ocean drive in your favorite, drop-top, stick shift ride, well, then the Gearhead Shifter Antique Brass Pen from Bourbon & Boots is the writing instrument of choice for you. The most obvious hint of the pen’s auto-inclination is the […]

Moleskine Smart Writing Set Digitizes Pen Strokes As You Write Or Doodle

Even with in the digital age, we can’t seem to let go of the good’ol pen. Why? Probably because it is easy as heck to use and convenient. You just pick up a pen and scribble away. No firing up of app or whatsoever. But therein lies the problem. It’s a digital world and we […]

SENS Minimalistic Pen Writes Like A Roller But Feels Like A Fountain Pen

There are pens and there are pens that turn heads, and if the latter is your choice of writing instrument, then perhaps the SENS by Verge may be right up your alley. As you can see, SENS weighs heavy on style factor with its minimalistic approach. Apart from the refill and requisite spring, it has […]

This Glass Fountain Pen Lets You Use Wine, Juice, Or Tea As Writing Ink

With the digital age set in concrete, many folks have forgo the good’ol pen and pencil. However, if you are still into writing or drawing in the old fashioned way while you are enjoying a glass of your favorite wine, juice or even a cuppa of tea, then WinkPens’ one-of-a-kind glass fountain pen is for […]

Build-on Brick Executive Pen Lets You Add LEGO Bricks To It

A pen is a writing instrument and as such, it has to be ergonomic for comfortable writing, BUT if you are a huge LEGO enthusiast and hopes everything in the world is made out of the famous toy bricks, then I am sure the Build-on Brick Executive Pen Desk Set will be right up your […]