A Squeeze Is All You Need To Start Writing With if… Pen. No Click, No Twist

Tech and style are not the only things this blog look out for. Uniqueness, or on the opposite end of the spectrum, oddity, is also something that intrigues us and such is what the if… Pen (yup, that’s the product’s name) has. But in the case of if… Pen, it is unique. How so? The […]

Gearhead Shifter Pen Lets You Stick Shift Through Boring Meetings

If your mind often wander off during a meeting, day dreaming about yourself cruising along the Ocean drive in your favorite, drop-top, stick shift ride, well, then the Gearhead Shifter Antique Brass Pen from Bourbon & Boots is the writing instrument of choice for you. The most obvious hint of the pen’s auto-inclination is the […]

Moleskine Smart Writing Set Digitizes Pen Strokes As You Write Or Doodle

Even with in the digital age, we can’t seem to let go of the good’ol pen. Why? Probably because it is easy as heck to use and convenient. You just pick up a pen and scribble away. No firing up of app or whatsoever. But therein lies the problem. It’s a digital world and we […]

SENS Minimalistic Pen Writes Like A Roller But Feels Like A Fountain Pen

There are pens and there are pens that turn heads, and if the latter is your choice of writing instrument, then perhaps the SENS by Verge may be right up your alley. As you can see, SENS weighs heavy on style factor with its minimalistic approach. Apart from the refill and requisite spring, it has […]

This Glass Fountain Pen Lets You Use Wine, Juice, Or Tea As Writing Ink

With the digital age set in concrete, many folks have forgo the good’ol pen and pencil. However, if you are still into writing or drawing in the old fashioned way while you are enjoying a glass of your favorite wine, juice or even a cuppa of tea, then WinkPens’ one-of-a-kind glass fountain pen is for […]

Build-on Brick Executive Pen Lets You Add LEGO Bricks To It

A pen is a writing instrument and as such, it has to be ergonomic for comfortable writing, BUT if you are a huge LEGO enthusiast and hopes everything in the world is made out of the famous toy bricks, then I am sure the Build-on Brick Executive Pen Desk Set will be right up your […]

Living Algae Ink Makes Your Artwork Appears Days Later And In Stages

A pen is just a pen. There’s nothing interactive, much less living, about it. So, if you are looking to make your greeting card, artwork or whatnot alive, digital media is perhaps the way to go, but that’s before Living Ink Time-lapse Bio-ink Pen comes along. Living Ink Technologies’s Bio-ink pen is no ordinary pen; […]

You Won’t Believe How Many Tools The Tactful Pen and Tool Packs

A pen is a pen. It lets you write stuff and occasionally, if the situation calls for it, stabbing a walking dead in the eye. Then again, it can never write again with the zombie’s goo all over. Not with the Tactful (Tactical) Pen & Tool by JP-Tac, though. The Tactful Pen is crafted from […]

TAKUMI PURE+ is a Pen, But it Also Wants to be Your Complete Stationery Set

If one) you find stationery still has a place in this touchscreen-heavy society and two) somehow think stationery are ‘overly messy’, then TAKUMI PURE+ might be the answer you have been looking for. From the Taiwan-based Tronnovate Design Laboratory who brought you the original TAKUMI pen, the TAKUMI PURE+ is not merely an ‘upgraded version’ […]

Ystudio Wants You to Feel the Joy of Writing Again with These Pure Copper and Brass Writing Instruments

There are really nothing much to write about writing instruments unless they are carved out of gold, embellished with pen load of gems, and they command an astronomical price. The Ystudio Copper and Brass Writing Instruments you see here is not cast of precious metal, neither are they loaded with rare stones. While we can’t […]