Wrist-worn Inflatable Can Save You From Drowning with a Pull of a Lever

According to WHO, drowning is the third leading cause of unintentional injury death worldwide with some 372,000 recorded deaths. Sadly, Tom Agapiades’s good friend was among that statistic which prompted Tom to invent Kingii, a wrist-worn inflatable device that aims to prevent such tragedy from happening to anyone. Unlike life vest which could be cumbersome, […]

Garmin’s Varia Rearview Radar Puts ‘Eyes’ Behind Your Bike

Cycling is a dangerous affair due in part to vanity and sometimes, performance sake. Makes sense cos’ why would anyone ‘tarnish’ the sleek aesthetic of a 5,000 dollars Kevlar and carbon fiber bike with mirrors and that’s not to mention breaking the aerodynamic in process which may prevent you from reaching (bicycle) hyper speed, but […]

This Smoke Alarm is So Smart That It Can Even Warn You of Tornadoes

The Halo Smart Smoke Alarm you see here is, as its product name suggests, an intelligent smoke detector that is also preset, out-of-the-box, to receive tornado warnings and push them to your mobile so you and your family can be better prepared for any imminent threats. It is hard to imagine smoke alarm has come […]

Alert Band Keeps You From Falling Asleep When Behind The Wheel During Those Long, Boring Drive

I am sure you have heard that car manufacturers are developing sensors to detect fatigue in drivers to help mitigate fatigue-related accidents but who knows when it will actually be implemented. In the mean time, fatigue is still rank as one of causes for deadly road accidents. In fact, according to U.S. National Highway Safety […]

Safety Earplugs Leap into the High-Tech Era with DUBS Acoustic Filters

i was in the safety sector briefly and during my short stint as a safety manager, i noticed the repulsion people have for earplugs. the main reasons being the earplugs are uncomfortable and they cut off too much noise, thus people tends to sway from wearing a pair. with Doppler Labs’ DUBS Acoustic Filters, things […]

React Sidekick Sends A Distress Signal To Your Friends At A Press Of A Button

there are smartphone apps that let you send a distress call when you are in trouble, but those involves a rather lengthy process, including pulling out your phone, unlocking it and lunching the app. obviously in a real emergencies, you won’t have time for that. this is where React Mobile‘s React Sidekick comes in. React […]

The Defender Connects To Your Smartphone, Snaps An Image As You Pepper Spray The Assailant

there are personal safety protection devices out in the market that will send distress signals to your love one or emergency services, but nothing works like one that packs with pepper spray. however, law enforcement-grade pepper spray is not the only feature The Defender possesses. it is an all-in-one smart personal protection system that’s connected […]

Ducati Multistrada D-Air Wireless Airbag System

when it comes to motobiking, the only thing that comes between you and the road is, well… you, which makes rider protection all the more critical and often a daunting task. we have seen crazy, fashionista airbag collar for cyclist and more practical airbag jacket with built-in crash sensors in the apparel but today, rider protection is…

spotNsave Personal Security Device

whether you are residing in an area where personal security is a big issue, or you are just being paranoia about your personal safety when you are out and about, the spotNsave Personal Security Device is here to give a peace of mind. this is not science friction and therefore it won’t help in repelling assailants

ICEdot Crash Sensor

the ICE here is nothing illicit. it stands for ‘In Case of Emergency’ and is a product that’s potentially a life saver for outdoor enthusiasts such as mountaineers and cyclists. the ICEdot is a well thought out emergency identification and notification systems, applicable to a variety of sports including