EZ Raider Is The Jeep/Land Rover Of The Electric Scooter World

This is the EZ Raider All-Terrain Electric Scooter and it kind of makes a typical electric scooter looked like an absolute wuss. One look and you know why is it so. This beast of electric scooters that lets you take on the roads less taken, like quite literally. EZ Raider All-Terrain Electric Scooter is like […]

BMW Launches Three New Scooters With Micro Mobility Systems AG

If you are expecting mobility devices like scooters from BMW to be a little more radical like what Volkswagen did with Streetmate and CitySkater, then I am afraid you will be sorely disappointed. Not that the newly announced scooters are bad looking in anyway; they just look, well, like any scooter you see on the […]

Segway Ninebot KickScooter MAX Makes 40 Miles On A Single Charge

Segway Ninebot has just introduced a new scooter called KickScooter MAX. Fortunately, despite its namesake, it does not require you to kick your way. It is an electric vehicle and one that is no shabby on the design department. Ninebot KickScooter MAX is powered by a 350W hub motor, paired to a 551 Wh battery […]

The Quirky Look Of This Chinese Electric Scooter Is Not For Everyone

Not often we see innovative design with electric scooter. The last we saw was the Stator Self-balancing Electric Scooter. The Stator is, until now, the best looking electric scooter. While the Jiangsu Xinri E-Vehicle’s Sunra Miku Max may not stack up to the Stator in design aspect, it is a pretty cool scooter in its […]

Ducati’s “First Electric Model” Is Not What You Have Expected

Motorcycle enthusiasts may have already heard that Ducati will have an electric model joining the family. Well, guess what? Ducati has recently announced electric model, but it is not what you expect and most certainly, it is not the electric bike the company said it is making. Instead, it is an electric scooter and even […]

Xiaomi Unveiled New Electric Mobility Devices Under HIMO Sub-brand

It looks like from here on and out, Xiaomi will be selling electric mobility devices under its sub-brand HIMO. There are five HIMO electric bike and electric bicycles. There’s the HIMO VI Plus, HIMO V1S, HIMO C20 and the HIMO T1. The V1 series are really compact, fit-for-trunk pedal-assist bicycles and as for the C20, […]

Tokyo Trials High-tech Scooters For Tourists In Marunouchi District

Forget about leg-breaking historic trail walk. Tokyo has embarked on a one-week trial (5 days) for a “history experience tour” using high-tech 4-wheel electric scooters called Rodem. The service is available for free to tourists visiting Marunouchi district in Tokyo’s business district. But don’t expect to be roaming freely on these tiny electric vehicle; they […]

Check Out This Pair Of Wacky Electric Scooters From Volkswagen

It looks like the attention-grabbing Fern Green ID.Buggy Concept is not the only electric vehicle Volkswagen has bring to table at this year’s Geneva Motor Show. It has a pair of rather unconventional looking electric scooters too. The two electric scooters, namely, Streetmate and Cityskater, are the German automaker’s take of zero-emission “micro mobility” designed […]

If The Dark Knight Ever Need An Electric Scooter, Stator Would Be It

I will be honest with you. I am not a huge fan of electric scooter. Why? Aesthetically, the look has been copied hundred times over. Plus, this form of last mile transportation irks me much because, most riders ride rashly on pavements, putting pedestrians at risks. Then I saw the Stator Self-balancing Electric Scooter. My […]

Mini By Uno Bolt Is A Super Cool, Fast And Long Range Electric Unicycle

Remember the T-Bob-like electric unicycle by Uno Bolt? Well, the U.S.-based electric scooter maker has a new ride that’s looking even more like the cowardly robot sidekick of Scott Trakker. Simply called Mini by Uno Bolt, this updated and smaller electric unicycle is not only smaller, but way more sleeker than its larger sibling. Just […]