Here’s The Xiaomi Mi Electric Scooter That You May Not Know Existed

The soon-to-be-listed China electronics giant/handset maker Xiaomi is really the provision shop of gadgets. Man, there’s nothing this company does not want to make. Xiaomi’s products are coming onto the market too fast, too furious and odds are, we may miss some interesting stuff every now and then. Speaking of missing, the Xiaomi Mi Electric […]

You Know What? Vespacross Is A Thing And It Is Pretty Damn Awesome

You know the motorsports, rally? And I am sure you are familiar with motocross too. The former is car racing not on circuit and often involving dirt and snow, while the latter is dirt bike racing that involves dirt track and a lot of breathtaking jumps. Well, now, meet Vespacross. It is the motocross you […]

K-Speed’s Custom Super Power Cub Is What 2018 Honda Super Cub Should Be

We saw the 2018 Honda Super Cub. TBH, we are hardly impressed, but this one here, a custom by K-Speed, is a whole new ball game. It made us wish the 2018 Honda Super Cub launched recently in Thailand did actually looked like this. I mean, seriously, Honda should be looking to K-Speed to design […]

Honda’s Iconic Cub EZ 90 Got Upsized In This Modern Homage Example

What you see here is scooter that is not quite a scooter. Underneath the custom body that (almost) completely concealed the innards is Honda’s quirky X-ADV, an “adventure scooter” (but not really quite). Yep. It is in fact a XXL size of the cult-classic from the 1990s, the Honda Cub EZ 90. From Italy custom […]

Gundam Scooter Is Just About The Greatest Custom Scooter Ever

This scooter is not electric, neither does it have groundbreaking technology, but it is probably one of the coolest scooter on this planet because, Gundam. Whether or not you are a fan of this nearly 40-year-old Japanese giant mecha, you can’t deny this Gundam scooter is a serious head turner. Whoever created this custom Gundam […]

Custom BMW C Evolution Scooter Looks Like A Ride From Apocalypse

What you see here is not a half-baked electric maxi-scooter C Evolution from BMW Motorrad. It is just Rolf Reick of Krautmotors giving the C Evolution the art of omission, which means it is intentionally left bare. That’s another level of industrial look there that gives it an apocalypse vibe. I like! The multidisciplinary customizer […]

Meet Uno Bolt, The World’s First Electric Unicycle With Gyro Force

The concept of monowheel electric vehicle such as the Uno Bolt you see here is certainly not new. But it is certainly new when it comes what goes inside of it. It has what its creator called Gyro Force Technology. The built-in stabilizer sensors make it the quickest responding gyroscope to be outfitted in an […]

Kiwano K01 Electric Scooter Needs No Carrying Cos’ It Will Follow You

The last mile transportation is all the rage now. Ever since the introduction of self-balancing technology, there have been several innovative last mile transportations like the more typical electric scooter, hoverboard that does not quite hover – just to name a couple. There are even some that takes balancing to a whole new level with […]

This Startup Wants You To Take On The Last Mile With Shared E-Scooters

If you don’t already know, bike sharing is all the rage in Asia, especially in China and in East Asia. When we talked about bike sharing, we are not talking about those two-wheeler you pick up at fixed locations; we are talking about bikes that you can pick up anywhere you can find littered around. […]

Concept Link Is A BMW Motorrad Vision Next 100-inspired, Ermmm, Scooter?

At this year’s Concorso d’Eleganza Villa d’Este, BMW’s two-wheel division, BMW Motorrad, also has something to show off and it is a scooter-like electric two-wheeler called BMW Motorrad Concept Link Urban Mobility. It is, well, how do I say? Futuristic? I mean, it is nothing like somewhat Tron-ish BMW Vision Next 100, it is futuristic […]