Bumblebee Segway Zing C8 eKickscooter

The third Transformers and Segway collaboration product has been revealed and it is a Bumblebee-themed Segway Zing C8 eKickscooter. For the Bumblebee Segway Zing C8 eKickscooter, the grips, as well as the main body, are in Bumblebee yellow with the stem in matte black.

Bumblebee Segway Zing C8 eKickscooter

There is a Transformers branding in white on the matte black stem while an Autobot logo in red with a silver background can be found on the headtube, just above the front wheel. There is another red Autobot logo on the stem facing the rider.

So where’s the presence of Bumblebee other than the color? Well, it is on the deck. On the deck, there is a beautiful graphic of Bee against what looked like a Cybertron backdrop finished with a black border. I believe those are it as far as the Bumblebee theme goes and it is certainly far more than what the Megatron Kickscooter GT2 has to over, IMHO.

As for the electric kickscooter itself, it offers a max speed of 10 mph, 6.2 miles of range, and a maximum payload of 110 lbs (50 kg). So, yes, it is targeted at younger riders aged between 6-12 years and of height between 3’9” and 4’9” (114-145 cm). Clearly, a grown man will break it. That is sad because this is the only one I can afford. Ugh.

Other notables include high elastic solid rubber tires, hand-operated brakes, and three riding modes: Safe, Turbo, and Cruise.

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The Bumblebee Segway Zing C8 eKickscooter Limited Edition is available now, in the U.S., for US$249.99.

Images: Segway.