Use A Standing Desk, Run 10 Marathons And 4 Other Health Benefits

You may have heard about the recent trend of workers trading in their sitting desks for standing desks. But why? What’s the big deal? Well, it’s simple. Standing desks can improve your health. We all know that sitting all day will adversely affect our health, so the idea is to stand while working at your […]

This Is Smartables, A High-Tech Table Wrapped In Cool Scandinavian Design

When it comes to Scandinavian furniture, hardly will you associate it with technology, much less ‘smart’, but here it is, a piece of Scandinavian furniture that might just be the world’s first truly smart table. What makes the Smartables from Blue Blood Design Studio unique is, it bears all the hallmark of a Scandinavian furniture: […]

Mikiya Kobayashi’s Brass-infused Ping Pong Table Is Classy As [email protected]*k

Not everyone fancy a less popular sport like Ping Pong, AKA table tennis, which naturally makes owning a ping pong table something of a connoisseur thing. But, but… not if the table tennis table is one from Masterwal called UA1, designed by 36-year-old Japanese designer Mikiya Kobayashi. Using a combination of brass, natural walnut wood […]

Modulos Table Wants To Do What Project Ara Tried To Do With Phones

Table. The one furniture that almost always outgrown our needs. What happen when this happen is, we have to buy a new one. There are many reasons to why a simple piece of furniture, such as a table, becomes dated. It gets old and deteriorate in quality, it does not accommodate the new gadgets you […]

Alternative Fact Desk Has One Leg, Defies Gravity Cos’, Alternative Fact

Prior to 2017, the phase ‘alternative fact’ was non-existence, but you all know how it got popularized and obviously, we are not going to get involved in this political shenanigans going on right now. However, not everyone is going to standby and watch some folk proclaim alternative facts and not express anything. Vintage Industrial, the […]

Xbox One Game Controller Coffee Table Is Xbox Fanboys’ Dream Come True

Xbox, unlike Nintendo Entertainment System (or NES), is not quite a classic yet, but that doesn’t stop South Carolina artist Scott Blackwell of WoodCurve from turning out a giant-ass Xbox game controller as a functional coffee table, aptly called Handmade Xbox One Game Controller Coffee Table. Scott managed to mimic the likeness of the Microsoft […]

This Heated Comforter With Table Will Have You Glued To Your Bed

What constitutes to a brilliant invention? Well, that’s debatable, but our book says that if an invention addresses two or more issues, and specifically targeted at the long, cold winter that’s too-cold-to-go-to-work, then it is a brilliant invention. Looking our own ‘requisites’, it seems that the Square Kotatsu Gino Table qualifies as a brilliant invention. […]

The Woodieful Chair Is A Transformer Furniture Without Transforming

For a tiny space, furniture selection becomes tricky. Have too many of them, you’d be making the small space even smaller and knocking over them every other time. With this in mind, Slovenia-based designer Klavdija Jarc conceived The Woodieful Chair which she refer to as “adaptable piece of furniture.” While it is called a ‘chair’, […]

Star Trek Pinball Machine Coffee Table Is The Ultimate Furniture For Trekkies

Despite it being horizontal, the original Star Trek pinball playfield is a fully functional pinball machine controlled via electronic means. As you can see, it is a sight to behold and the best part is, it is also a coffee table, which means, trekkies who are non-pinball fans can also appreciate the Star Trek shuttlecraft […]

Ikea Made A Table That Compels Diners To Interact In The Old Fashion Way

Social media is a modern day invention that aims to keep people connected, but mankind’s obsessive nature has turn it into one of the world’s greatest irony. The more we are connected, the more disconnected we are – thanks in part to the handy, ‘super computer’ – the smartphone. Apart from basic voice communication, smartphone […]