Forget About Your Heirloom-worthy Rubber Band Gun, Here Are Some That Are Modeled After Real Firearms

It’s 21st century and surprisingly, there is still room for rubber band guns. In fact, I suspect some of you even have one past down by your grandpa. As well as those may have worked out till this day, they are hardly considered aesthetically pleasing. But like I said, it is the 21st century, which […]

NERF Rhino-Fire Will Rain 50 Darts At Your Foes From Up To 90 Feet

NERF has just pushed the bar of foam warfare up with the confirmation of the NERF N-Strike Elite Rhino-Fire Blaster, arriving this Fall, exclusively at Walmart, for $99.99. this would-be mother of all blaster has an alternating dual barrel setup, fed with N-Strike Elite darts from two drum magazines with a total a total capacity […]

Guy Collaborates With Sugru To Create Super Cool Water Gatling Gun

if you have been following this blog, chances are you have read about Sugru, a super flexible compound that lets mend and make virtually anything you can think of. well, you probably already know that, don’t you? but what you didn’t know is, it was also part of material that made up this awesome water […]

Rubber Band Machine Gun

rubber band warfare is about to get a little crazier, thanks to this awe-inspiring creation by Ukraine-based Alex Shpetniy and Brian Dinh, simply (and no less aptly) dubbed as the Rubber Band Machine Gun (not to be confused the RBmG, though). with a capacity of 672 shots of rubber bands and a firing rate of 14 shots per second

Toy Crossbow

who haven’t seen a toy crossbow? i guess most of us do, but one look, you know this Toy Crossbow from Best Made is not your regular child’s play. what? it is a toy? apparently, it is. which at this point, we should remind you not to bring this out to the street or you may just land yourself in a difficult position

Rubber Band Machine Gun

the thing about rubber band gun is, it does not have the range and the rate of fire? well, we rather not talk about it, but strangely, it never loses its appeal even in a world swarmed with foam blasting toy guns. admittedly, with the Rubber Band Machine Gun by XYZbot, the range issue still persists, but it more than make up for this ‘short fall’ with the rate of fire

Crazy Combat Catapults

weapons of any kind are all dangerous, but still, there’s no denying that anything that involves projectile is pretty alluring, especially to man. however, not all are inclined to pick up a weapon because of various reasons ranging from local laws, social stigma, risks et cetera. so the Crazy Combat Catapults seem like an awesome solution.