Lets get real. Not everyone has money to drop for furniture that wirelessly charges your gadgets. Similarly, not everyone has the technical skills to DIY a table that does wireless charging. With all that said, it does not mean you are left without a solution. There is and it is called V-Juice. The name itself is not quite obvious, but V-Juice is a super thin (possibly the flattest we have seen) wireless charging pad designed to wirelessly charge compatible smartphones and tablets.

V-Juice Super Flat Wireless Charging Pad

V-Juice comprises of a super thin charging pad that goes onto say, for example, your kitchen countertop, a separate charger module that hides away (in the drawer or underside of the table), and a power supply. I won’t say it will eliminate the eyesore a standard charging pad brings, but at least the thinness makes it a lot more inconspicuous. The charge delivery pad itself adheres to most surfaces and can be easily relocated if required. It has a cable leading to the charging pad, obviously, but it is equally thin too, thus maintaining the discreet look.

V-Juice Super Flat Wireless Charging PadIt appears that V-Juice only comes in white, which won’t help if you furniture is dark colored. V-Juice is a Germany product and we heard it is patent-pending. V-Juice was born out of the need to integrate wireless charging into a home’s interior design without pricey renovation. It is actually a brilliant idea that I am quite surprise it has not gain as much traction on Kickstarter. If you like to see V-Juice make it to the market, perhaps you may consider backing the campaign and keeping your fingers crossed that it gets funded in the next 25 days or so.

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It is not exactly affordable though. Early bird perk offers you 25 euros (about US$29) for one V-Juice charging pad. $29 is not over-the-top pricey, but if you are thinking about dropping a few around the house which this gadget appears to suggest, it can get pretty expensive. But hey, it is probably still way cheaper than getting a pro solution and hacking these and that, right?

V-Juice Super Flat Wireless Charging Pad

V-Juice Super Flat Wireless Charging Pad

Images courtesy of V-Juice.

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