If you still use LPG aka propane tanks, chances are there is one teething problem that have been bugging you and that’s the level of the gas within. There’s no telling unless you pick it up and have a feel of the weight. We saw how the weight sensing Refuel can help, but here’s another one that take sensing to the next level. Meet Gas-Sense, a thermal sensing contraption that sticks to the LPG cylinder and lets you know the gas level, in real-time, over your mobile phone. Sounds like magic, doesn’t it? Developed by London-based teen inventor, George Edwards, Gas-Sense uses a patent-pending thermal technology to detect the exact level of the surface of the liquid within the tank. It syncs wirelessly with your smartphone, Android, iOS, or Windows, and lets you know when the tank is about to empty, so you can be better prepared.

The application is pretty wide. You can use it for your BBQ pit’s propane tank, in your kitchen (if you still have those ancient stoves), or on a yacht et cetera. The thermal sensors embedded strip is self-powered by a built-in battery which, according to George, could last up to two years and the device will work with any size of metal compressed gas bottle, as long as they contains liquid fuel. There is no mention of connectivity to WiFi, though it would be fabulous if it does. However, we read that it uses Bluetooth low energy to push the information to the dedicated app on your smartphone. With the app, you get info on the level and an estimate of how long it would last as and when you desire, and it will alert you when the fuel level drops to a certain, presumably presettable, level.

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This have to be one of the best invention we have seen up to date. But, it is not a reality yet. George decided to take the crowdfunding route and wants you and like minded folks to help bring Gas-Sense to the market. It’s on Kickstarter from now till Mar 12, 2015, where you will be able to pre-order one, starting at £35, or about US$54. Keep going for a product pitch video.

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  1. Couldn’t the same application be applied to Other Pressure Vessels, like Scuba Tanks, Medical Oxygen Tanks, Welding Tanks, etc…

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