Hard Graft Driftwood and Campfire Bags Collection

Hard Graft Campfire Collection 900x600px
(credit: Hard Graft) Hard Graft Driftwood and Campfire Square1 Holdall (€499) / Personal Pouch (€179) / DOPP Kit (€149) | www.hardgraft.com

there exist some man folks who have the penchant for stylish bags (let’s put the prices aside for now), and not surprisingly, i happen to be one of them. so naturally, when Hard Graft drops us an email regarding their new collection, Driftwood and Campfire, i immediately sit up and take notice – intently. each collection includes a stuff-everything-in bag (Square1 Holdall), a sling/waist pouch (Personal Pouch) and a toiletry bag, also known washbag (DOPP Kit). so what’s the difference between Driftwood and Campfire, i hear you ask? basically, they are the same, except for the color. the Driftwood is mainly compose of grey exterior and tanned interior, while the Campfire has brown and black for the exterior and interior, respectively.
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as with all Hard Graft products, these bags are handcrafted in Italy from premium Italian suedes and premium Italian cow leathers that are semi-vegetable tanned. awesome stuff, that’s if you have the budget to grab them. the word ‘handcrafted’ should have already hinted their potential price points. if these stylish bags tickle your senses, then be prepared to shell out €149 (about US$205) for the washbag, or €179 (about US$246) for the waist pouch, or a princely sum of €499 (about US$685) for the holdall bag. i know they are quite an investment, so while you are debating with yourself on the dos and don’ts, why not hit past the jump and check out more images of these beautiful bags?

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