JINS x Evangelion Officially Licensed Eyewear

Eyewear. It is probably the last thing we expect to be given the Evangelion treatment, but here they are, the officially licensed Evangelion eyewear from Japanese eyewear maker, JINS.

JINS x Evangelion Officially Licensed Eyewear

Then again, it shouldn’t surprise us. We already have seen a bunch of Evangelion-themed merchandises, including power tool, scissors, and an air-con vest – just to name a few, why not go the extra mile by including glasses, right? Though, I am rather baffled because, no one actually wears eyewear in the movie except for the cold father of Shinji, Gendo Ikari.

Anyhoo, never mind that most of the characters have perfect eyesight because, JINS x Evangelion Officially Licensed Eyewear has arrived and apparently, this is not the first time JINS have collaborated with the anime franchise on glasses; it is the third.

JINS x Evangelion Officially Licensed Eyewear

The lineup consists of 3 models: 2 prescription-ready glasses and a sunglasses. One of the glasses is based on EVA Unit-01 and the other, Unit-02, while the sunglasses is inspired by Unit-01 and comes with two lens types.

Not going to lie. Evangelion treatment is not immediately apparent with these eyewear. But if you want EVA-themed glasses, however subtle it may be, they are here for your taking.

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TBH, when I first read about this, I was half expecting Gendo Ikari’s glasses. You know, the exact same pair as he has wore in the series. Whether or not it was to be the pair he broke when he was saving Rei from an overheating entry plug, or the replacement one.

Though it will be nice at least one model is modeled after Ikari’s, even if I am no fan of his (hate him for making Shinji such a whiny kid).

JINS x Evangelion Officially Licensed Eyewear will be available from jins.com as well as JINS stores across Japan starting on March 8, coinciding with the release of the fourth and final Evangelion movie in Japan. The price is 12,000 yen, or US$111 based on today’s going rate.

Images: JINS [JP].