Google Glass Titanium Eyewear

Wetley may have raced ahead and presented its third party solution for prescription Google Glass but the Mountain View folks also has its own set of solution in response to the style and prescription needs. meet the Google Glass Titanium Eyewear.

The Polaroid Socialmatic Camera

today’s context of instant gratification is more than just instant print photography; we, like most connected earthlings, have the compulsive urge to share, and this is where The Polaroid Socialmatic Camera is going to fill the void as left by the traditional instant camera and digital camera.

Lumus DK-40 Wearable Display Development Kit

this pair of wearable display coming from HUD maker Lumus, who are better known for their military-grade products, is one of the sleeker high-tech eyewear we have seen to date and one that you can probably wear without inviting stares, well, except maybe for the chunky component at the side which houses a 5MP camera

Mad Catz M.O.J.O Micro-Console for Android

love gaming on your Android devices? well, depends on your how deep is your love for Android games, it might be a good idea to “port” your Android gaming experience to the big screen for a more immersive gameplay and by ‘big screen’, we do mean that awesome HDTV that you have plonk down good money for.

Sony BRAVIA Smart Stick

still haven’t catch on with Smart TV? well, if you haven’t and have no plan to splurge on this worldly connected indulgence just yet, and has a plain jane 2013 Sony TV sitting around, then Sony wants you to check out the Sony BRAVIA Smart Stick (NSZ-GU1) – a device that will turn that “unconnected” TV of yours into a connected set.

Panasonic KX-PRX120 Android DECT Cordless Phone

Panasonic may have dropped off the chart as far as Android handsets for the EU market is concerned, but it has returned with another Android device and it isn’t a smartphone; it is a smart DECT cordless phone dubbed as the Panasonic KX-PRX120 DECT Cordless Phone. the KX-PRX120 is unique in many ways

Google Chromecast Streaming Media Player

so what the heck is a Chromecast? well, the easiest way to understand what this little guy is about is to think of it as Google’s answer to Apple TV and AirPlay. it plugs right into your HDMI port of your HDTV and enables you to wirelessly stream, or in this case “cast” online content from your phone, tablet or laptop to your TV

Samsung GALAXY NX 3G/4G LTE Android Camera

if you are not so woo by the phone-first, camera-later GALAXY S4 Zoom, then Samsung has another Android-based imaging treat for you: the Samsung GALAXY NX 3G/4G LTE Android Camera. billed as the world’s first interchangeable lens equipped with 3G/4G LTE radios, the GALAXY NX is compatible with the firm’s other NX

MiiPC Android PC by ZeroDesktop

whether you are a concerned parent who are worried about what the Internet is doing to your kids, or just need a super sleek multimedia desktop, the MiiPC Android PC by ZeroDesktop should fit the bill perfectly. the MiiPC is an Android-powered compact desktop machine that allows you to do pretty much almost anything that a regular PC is capable of