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CouchBunker – Bulletproof Couch and Gun Safe

you know Hollywood movies often portray people using couches to shield themselves against enemy fire? well, those are just bulls cos’ most firearms will just tear through the couches like papers – unless the couch in question is the CouchBunker. though the advertised bulletproof capability doesn’t come as standard – it is an option which will see the cushions being stuff with 1/4″ thick steel plate that could stop a 44 Magnum at point blank range. we are not sure if the back of the couch does provide such protection, but for now, we are going to go with ‘no’ cos’ according to its maker BedBunker, the optional bullet resistant cushions can also “serve as portable, personal shields” complete with arm straps (for holding it up), which means the non-removable couch back is likely not to have the said protection. Continue reading CouchBunker – Bulletproof Couch and Gun Safe

Inteliscope Tactical Rifle Adapter for iPhone

though primarily a communication device, iPhone has seen a wide and varied non-phone applications such as keyless home entry, food thermometer and even as a weather station. as such the good folks over at Inteliscope think firearm enthusiasts shouldn’t be left out too and came out with the Inteliscope Tactical Rifle Adapter for iPhone, a Picatinny or Weaver tactical rail-equipped iPhone mount that allows you to use your iPhone (or iPod touch, depending on model) as your rifle’s optical system. together with an app, the setup will provide you with critical ballistics and environment information, presented to you on an intuitive user interface with custom crosshairs, digital zoom, video recording, ballistics and firearm data, e-compass, GPS data, wind information, shot timer, and it even let you activate your phone’s built-in LED as a flashlight or strobe light. Continue reading Inteliscope Tactical Rifle Adapter for iPhone

Gerber Multi-plier 600 Sight Tool

fact: you will never know when you are going to need to cut through some wires, screw or unscrew some parts, pop open a bottle of cold one, or challenge someone to extract their teeth in the midst of their drunken stupor. and that’s why you have the Gerber Multi-plier 600 Sight Tool to do it all and more. packed into this one-hand operable black oxide finished stainless steel form are needle-nose pliers with crimper jaws, serrated and fine edge knife combo, carbide wire cutters, long reach Philips screwdriver, can and bottle opener, plus a couple handy tools (carbon scraper and M4/M16 front sight post adjustment tool) for your firearm maintenance. Continue reading Gerber Multi-plier 600 Sight Tool

GunVault GVB1000 MiniVault Biometric

GunVault GVB1000 MiniVault Biometric
(photos: GunVault) GunVault GVB1000 MiniVault Biometric | US$309.00 | www.gunvault.com

grown man and children alike, we all love guns. if you dwell in a state where gun ownership is not prohibited, then we salute you but we do have to keep in mind that guns are dangerous weapons and they should be treated with utmost respect. whether you own one (or many) as a hobby or for personal protection, it is only right that it should be kept safe and away from unwanted hands but it also must be easy and quickly retrievable in time of need. as such you will need a safe like the GunVault GVB1000 MiniVault Biometric. Continue reading GunVault GVB1000 MiniVault Biometric

this M16 Golf Launcher makes Golf Club looks so passe

NcSTAR AGOLF AR-15/M16 Golf Ball Launcer main 544x544px
(image credit: Cheaper Than Dirt!) AGOLF AR-15/M16 Golf Ball Launcher | US$19.97 | www.ncstar.com

i’m not sure what went through the mind of the inventor of this golf ball launcher. perhaps, the ammunitions price just skyrocket and these guys decided to put their assault rifles to good use or may be it is for venting their frustration over the game of eternal frustration? check out the web store description cum disclaimer: Continue reading this M16 Golf Launcher makes Golf Club looks so passe