Edge of Belgravia Ceramic Series Knives Set

if the idea of stepping into the kitchen in a well-pressed double breasted cotton tunic appeals to you, then we supposed the look of the knives you wield in the gallery is as important as its performance. the Edge of Belgravia Ceramic Series Knives Set not only satisfy both demands, but also has a design backed

The Federal Maple Set Knives

knives are made of steel, which is fact that will never change for next few decades or so. ceramic knives did made an attempt to usurp the throne reigned by steel (carbon included) but to no avail. so, our question is: will a set of knives crafted from maple wood (leaving just the slicing edge as steel) such as The Federal Maple Set Knives

Swiss Alps Panorama Bread Knives

you know when they describe something as ‘the greatest thing since sliced bread’, the ‘they’ doesn’t mean to say that the ‘thing’ is better than having your bread sliced and also, it doesn’t mean that all bread will come sliced (which most gourmet bread doesn’t). speaking of which, if you prefer not to eat your loaf of bread whole and love slicing them up yourself, these trio…

Star Wars Death Star Tea Infuser

nobody knows what’s the lifestyle was like onboard the Death Star. all we know was that everyone in it were always on their toes, less they get choke by the dark lord, Vader. however, we suspect that if any of them had some laid back time for a cup of Earl Grey (or was it Vader Grey or perhaps, Galactic Breakfast?), the Star Wars Death Star Tea Infuser would…

Pallet Coasters & Desk Crates

looking for something to give your coffee table and desk that extra special look? easy. just throw in a few pallets and wooden crates, and it will have any style geeks, man or women, nodding with approval. of course, we are not asking you to use actual pallets or wooden crates, unless you love the idea of a pallet-based coffee table and have loads of space to use…