For Ladies Who Don’t Fancy Smartwatches, There is this Fashion-foward Smart Bracelet

However feminine some smartwatches are, they’re still generally geared towards men. And so, for ladies who don’t fancy smartwatches, tech giant Intel and international retailer Opening Ceremony has an alternative wrist-worn wearable tech that basically does what a smartwatch does, but in a bracelet form. Called My Intelligent Communication Accessory or MICA, this smart bracelet …

Orbiter Lets You Display Your Playing Card Collection with Style and Pride

Non-mass produced playing cards are collectibles that should never be relegated to the drawers. It will be a crime if you do so. Really. Some of them like the Seasons Playing Cards, Gentlemen 52, Silver Steampunk and more, deserved to be showcased as if they were trophies of a hunt, but at the same time, …

Free Up Valuable Real Estate in Your Fridge by Hanging Your Cold Ones Up with BottleLoft

is your fridge space-starved and you often find that there is never enough space for your 6-pack? i guess that probably ranks among the top as the worst nightmare for men. well, with the BottleLoft, you can strike that off the list of things you have to worry about as a man. BottleLoft lets you …

Cubee Wants You to Turn Your Instagram Photos Into Prints and Light Them Up

how many of you here actually print any photos taken with your mobile devices’ camera app or Instagram app? if your answer is ‘rarely’, then you might have been missing the critical tactile feel of print photos. but we suspect we may know why: laziness, lack of print shops, expensive, and somehow prints don’t look …

Exumme Embercase is Literally The Hottest iPhone Case in the Market

iPhone, like many smartphones today, can do wonders. couple it with the right external hardware or case, it can do even more, such as becoming your personal weather station, assist you in your cooking and more. with the upcoming Exumme Embercase, you can now add hand warming to the growing list of what your iDevice …

Geco Hub Aims To Tidy Up Your Life, Starting With Not Having You Losing Anything

if you find yourself misplacing stuff on daily basis, then you are in need of a serious organization in your life and this new product from UK-based Version22, dubbed Geco Hub, might be able to lend a helping hand. to be honest, i was unsure about this product when Simon first tweeted to us, but …

boX Lifestyle Accessories

if you are in the market for lifestyle accessories with a fresh take, then you might want to check out boX Lifestyle Accessories. founded by Pierre Albert Winter, New York City-based boX is an artistic lifestyle accessories maker who aims to win over the world with their vegan and environmental friendly products.

Foosball Bottle Opener

whether you have treated yourself to a cold Cola in the heat of a foosball game or in your adulthood, a cold brew, you can be sure that there’s a mysterious relation between foosball and popping open a bottle. no? anyway, that’s our perception and we shouldn’t be pushing our ideas into you. regardless, we still find that this foosball player-converted

Brew Clip – a Wallet and a Bottle Opener

depending on how much you love beers, especially the bottled ones, you may want to get to know the Brew Clip that brings together a wallet and a bottle opener. that’s like a no brainer, no? you need the cash (or cards) to grab the brew, and hence Brew Clip seems like the logical solution. not that we encourage you to pop open the bottles right there and then

Keyper – Slim Leather Key Organizer

keychain is probably essential to most folks, but it is definitely not everyone’s cup of tea. the solution? the Keyper slim leather key organizer. instead of hooking up your keys to a ring, the Keyper wants you to keep each key as separates and slot them elegantly, if not uber-stylishly, into four individually stitched key slots.