NYC-Based Artist Installed Trump Statuettes For Dogs To Pee On

We are not political, but this one is too much of a laugh for us to pass on. This is about a bunch of Trump statuettes, but this tiny sculptures ARE NOT a tribute to the POTUS; these busts of the President found scattered around Brooklyn are for dogs to pee on. Depending on your […]

Fendi Pulled Shawl Because, The Internet Sees Lady’s Nether Region In It

Sometimes, wardrobe failed is not entirely the customers’ fault. And mind you, we are not talking about intentional wardrobe fail like Balenciaga is now famous for. To be clear, we are talking about fashion design fail that is so bad that the product looks like something rather, how do you say? Intimate? Well, such was […]

Businesses Are Banking On Banksy ‘Self Destructs’ Painting With Their Own

Anonymous artist Banksy shocked the world when his painting, Girl With Red Balloon, ‘self destructs’ moments after the hammer went down to conclude the sale in London. We now know Banksy intentionally concealed a shredder inside the frame, but we do not know whether it was a marketing stun for the artist himself or he […]

Malformed Tom From Tom and Jerry Sculptures Are Absolutely Hilarious

This one is going to make you laugh. These are sculptures created by Japanese artist Taku Inoue, depicting Tom from Tom and Jerry when he was, well, not exactly in his best shape. Not exactly the model most artists would chose to go with when recreating fictional characters, but Inoue did anyways and the results, […]

Critical Failure D20 Dice Because, When You Rolled ‘1’, It Is Really F*@k

Depending on what you are rolling for, landing on a ‘1’ on a dice may not be all that bad. However, if ‘1’ is bad news (i.e. critical failure) in the game you are playing, then this dice from Etsy seller MarsDice, called Critical Failure D20 Dice, is what you need. This is the dice […]

Banksy’s Painting ‘Self Destructs’ Moments After Successful Bidding

Banksy shocked the world yet again. This time, the elusive England-based street artist’s painting, Girl With Red Balloon, got a Mission Impossible’s ‘self-destruct’ treatment moments after the hammer went down to seal the deal at a cool £1 million (that was inclusive of buyer’s premium, btw), or about US$1.3 million. This is not even a […]

Believe It Or Not, Playing With Toy Poops Is A Thing Now

If you haven’t already have enough of the Internet today, I am sure this news will make sure you will have enough. Hasbro’s famous line of modelling compound, Play-Doh, has just announced its latest playset that is literally poop-themed, aptly called Poop Troop. It is like South Park’s Mr Hankey all over again, but this […]

This Story Is Why Coupon Should Have An Expiration Date

You know the stash of coupons you may have in your kitchen’s drawers? Well, they all have an expiration date, don’t they? There are several reasons for an expiration date. One of those reasons could be for the sake of a ‘cleaner’ accounting. I mean you can imagine if someone popped into a store with […]

Kayaker Gets Slap On The Face By A Seal… With An Octopus

Two stories about octopus in a day. What are the odds, eh? Unlike Ocho the Octopus, this one here has nothing to with art, though the video that captured the moment was quite an art in itself. The footage has the new GoPro HERO7 and its HyperSmooth stabilization feature to thank. Oh, wait. Why do […]

GCDS Had Three-breasted Models In Revealing Crop Tops (NSFW)

What will the future of fashion be like? Will apparels of the future covered in LEDs, or has fabric that is also a display that changes pattern based on your mood and location? Or could it be human modifications like having three breasts? Made-in-Italy streetwear brand GCGS, AKA God Can’t Destroy Streetwear, seems to think […]