CHAR Poles – Multi-tool Ski Poles

ski poles are largely single function equipment, well, unless you count stabbing another person with it as another function, but seriously, we don’t encourage that in anyway. however, a Salt Lake City-based upstart thinks otherwise (and their idea definitely does not involve stabbing) and has completely rethink how ski poles should function…

Crovel Extreme II

back in 2011, we opened our eyes to realize that a shovel could be a multi-tool too. needless to say, we were absolutely impressed. fast forward to today, the same company that gives you that Swiss Army knives of shovel, the Crovel (Crowbar + Shovel hybrid) has an improved version, aptly named Crovel Extreme II.

Crescent CMTS4 Switchblade Multi-Purpose Cutter

when it comes to cutting jobs for home improvement, instead of buying multiple tools, the Crescent CMTS4 Switchblade Multi-Purpose Cutter presents as one tool that replaces four. how? well, like what its name suggests, by switching the blade, or in this case, the cutter out.

Milwaukee Bottle Opener Wire Stripper

we are not going to pretend the Milwaukee Bottle Opener Wire Stripper is a brilliant invention because the fact is, drinking and mucking around with electrical stuff does not mix (and they never will) – unless you are talking about popping open a bottle of soda, but you’d be hard-pressed to find soda in capped bottles these days

The Knuckler Multi-Tool

the market is certainly not lacking of handy multi-tools, so we are not going to say which one is better than the other, instead, we just want to judge by the look and The Knuckler Multi-Tool happens to be one that we thought looks pretty awesome. this almost circular device boasts over 10 functionalities, from Hex wrenches in

HexFlex Compact Snowboard Tool

ho would have thought a simple snowflake shape could be harnessed into an exceedingly handy and useful multi-tool? neither did we. well, that’s exactly what two dudes Alex and Nate did – design a snowboard tool around one of the products of Mother Nature: snowflake. the HexFlex Compact Snowboard Tool, as it is

Click Carabiner Snowboard and Ski Binding Tool

seriously, if you are at the top of the ski slope, the last thing in your mind is to trek down to the pro shop to tweak a loose binding and yet, you won’t be lugging around basic ski or snowboard repair tools with you when you ski or snowboard, do you? the solution? the

The Parachute Multi-Tool

the multi-tool market is one that will never be saturated. why? because no two multi-tools will be the same, with respect to the size and what functions it hold. and for that reason, we will never stop featuring them. speaking of not stopping, here’s yet another one to add to the list: The Parachute Multi-Tool.

Pocket Wrench by Screwpop Tool

if you ever find yourself often in need of a wrench, then you might want to give this latest creation by Screwpop Tool, the Pocket Wrench, some serious consideration. crafted from 304 stainless steel, the Pocket Wrench comes in a choice of Metric or SAE measurement standards and is 100 percent made in the US of A.