Loop: A New Kind Of Earplugs That May Just Become A Fashion Statement

Hearing is something we often take for granted. We took this sense for granted because, we won’t feel the loss when we are much younger with activities like clubbing, going to concerts et cetera. Those activities may seem harmless, but they are contributing factors of hearing loss. Not now though, the loss will come later […]

Little Ripper Lifesaver Drone Saved Two Teens From Dangerous Riptide

Unexpected riptide can sometimes overwhelm even experienced swimmers and if that happens, the question of life and death depends on if someone or something can look out for beach users in distress. But with waves come crashing in, it sometimes can inhibit the line of sight, or even hear the call for help. This is […]

Meet Hexa, The Face mask That Cleans And Monitors The Air You Breathe

With the increase in industrialization and number of motor vehicles, it is inevitable that the air around us is going get really, really bad and while some can live with it, others may not be so lucky. In fact, no one should live with it because, bad air can potentially cause respiratory issue in long […]

R-PUR May Very Well Be The Mask Motorcyclists Never Knew They Need

Air pollution is serious issue in metropolitan areas. If you are driving in a four-wheeler, i.e. an automobile, you are less exposed to harmful particles in the air because you would have air-conditioning. Motorcycles too have air-conditioning, but in natural form which means, air pollution is going to hit you hard when you are riding […]

dBud Earplugs Lets You Adjust The Amount Of Noise You Want To Cut Out

Bionic ears aren’t real yet, but if we don’t protect our ears, we won’t even have basic sense of hearing, let along hearing whisper made around the block. Sadly, a lot people ignore the fact that everyday noise can contribute to potential hearing loss. Modern people’s favorite activities like clubbing, DJ-ing, going to concert and […]

Brilliant Shock Absorbing Road Barrier Aims To Reduce Road Fatality

Road barriers serve to prevent vehicles from crossing to opposing road, going off-road, or worst, leaping off a cliff, and road barriers has, so far, prove its worthiness but not without fatalities. You see, today’s road barriers are made of metal and while metal is strong, its quality is also a potential death trap. How […]

Concept LEGO Minifig’s Hair-inspired Bicycle Helmet Is As Crazy As It Is Cool

Aesthetic is almost like an afterthought in bicycle helmets. Which is not wrong. They had to be functional. Not that bicycle helmets are ugly, but they do look pretty boring. You know. It is like, hey look, a bicycle helmet and you moved on. This is one safety gear that you can’t change much in […]

Folks, This Is The Future Of Full Face Respirator For Painters And Vanishers

Traditional full face respirator used by professional vanishers and painters has never changed much since its invention and while it seems mankind is fine by that, Berlin-based industrial designer Carlos Schreib begs to differ. In fact, he did not just feel today’s full face respirator isn’t right; he went all out to prove it by […]

Dust Mask Becomes Cool With Realtree Xtra Camo Nuisance Dust Mask

If you work in an environment that exposes you to dust, pollen, animal dander, or grass, then you need to wear a dust mask for the sake of one’s health and there’s an abundance of dust masks in the market, but should you settle for a plain white mask? Well, unless you are in Japan […]

Scaffold Alert Warns Of Imminent Danger Through Siren And Light

Working at height poses a major and often catastrophic risk of falling and while the invention of aluminum scaffold has since minimized this risk, it is not foolproof as far as potentially deadly fall is concerned. As it turns out, the scaffold itself could be a risk itself due a variety of factors, including improper […]