Prescient Audio AudioCase

give your GALAXY S IV or iPhone 5/5s a serious boost in the sound reproduction department without lugging along an external portable speaker with the Prescient Audio AudioCase. unlike the earlier example by Sonic Force, the AudioCase is an “active” (aka powered) speaker case that employs Prescient Audio’s pioneering ThinDriver…

Seals Remix Rugged Case for Samsung GALAXY S4

however “active” the GALAXY S4 Active is, it still won’t survive serious beatings present in serious outdoor activities such mountain climbing, white water rafting and the likes. even if it does, you will ultimately face the inevitable aesthetic marring on the handset (aka “battle scars”), which in the books of any style-conscious folks, is a

Style Box by Case-Mate

honestly, iPhone cases are the last thing we expect to be the target of a comprehensive marketing effort. the norm with iPhone cases, or any other smartphone accessories for that matter, would be plain simple advertising and therefore, a ‘real campaign’ was never in the picture. but not with these cases from Case-Mate, a brand now recognized as the purveyor of fashion-forward mobile accessories.

Pong Gold Reveal Cases for iPhone 5

we are no stranger to iPhone cases; they offers protection for your phone, but does it protect you? well, this one does. known as the Pong Gold Reveal Cases by Pong Research, these unique cases for iPhone 5 feature embedded gold-plated Pong antenna that is said to protect you from the wireless energy while optimizing the device performance. nobody really knows what’s the side effect, if any at all, of long term

Mophie Juice Pack for HTC One

with the awesome features of the HTC One such as the front facing stereo speakers, you probably would ran out of juice a little too soon and that’s why there’s the Mophie Juice Pack for HTC One. available in either black or silver for $99.95 each, the Mophie Juice Pack for HTC One’s slim profile packs a 2,500 mAh rechargeable

Sena Cases for Samsung GALAXY S4

already researching for the best case for your upcoming Samsung GALAXY S4? if leather is your kind of thing, then perhaps the Sena Cases for Samsung GALAXY S4 might tickles your fancy. instead of the usual plastic offering, Sena Cases has out four Nappa leather items that should have most folks’ need covered. the

Mighty Phone Fold Wallet for Smartphones

smartphone has become a huge part of our lives that we find it hard not to agree with a wallet-smartphone case combo. in case you are with us, this beautiful handcrafted product from London-based Hard Graft might be of an interest to you and looking at its beauty, why wouldn’t you be? the Mighty Phone Fold Wallet for Smartphones is pretty massive

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