Rotation 180° Photo Backpack

MindShift Rotation 180° Photo Backpack
Rotation 180° Photo Backpack | from US$389.00 |

say, you were trekking in the wild and suddenly the mythical bigfoot crosses your path – you wanted capture in picture but your prized DSLR is nesting in your backpack. so, you set down your backpack and draws out your camera and by then mr. footy had long gone. does the scenario sounds eerily familiar to you? however, this scenario might just be a thing of the past with the MindShift Rotation 180° Photo Backpack. on the outside, the 180 looks to be yet another backpack but upon closer examination, it is way more than that. in fact, it could very well be the first backpack to feature an integrated camera waist pack that rotates out from the lower section to the front, allowing you to instantly access your rig. thanks to its magnetic belt buckle, the waist pack can be quickly engaged and disengage, making access to your gears a quick and painless process – all without having you to set down your backpack.

sure, you can always carry the camera on the outside and be ready at all times but if you really think about it, you’d be exposing your camera to the elements and not to mention the inevitable bumps and knocks the camera has to endure when negotiating the unpredictable terrains. that said, if we have a choice, we would most certainly stow it in the safely of the padded pack and unleash them when the situation calls for it. other features include a large 17-liter back/top accessible upper compartment for your non-photography gears, a side zip outer jacket pocket for holding your clothing or small laptops, multiple ways to attach and carry your tripod on the pack itself and side hydration pocket that accepts water bladders of up to 3 liters. MindShift Gear has taken this project to popular crowdfunding platform, Kickstarter, seeking your support (btw, they have well surpassed their initial goal) and with a pledge of $389 or more, you will be pre-ordering your very own Rotation 180° Photo Backpack with a few other bonuses including a tripod cup, rain cover and a removable padded Photo Insert. check out a pledge video after the break to learn more.

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